Indian PM tells Pakistan to ‘walk the talk’ on anti-terror vow

I guess our honorable PM is asking too much from Pakistan. How come he or any body in India can expect them (Pakistan) to be sincere about tackling terrorism, when they are main culprit in 99% bombing in India. Give me one example where Pakistan have been sincere in tackling the terrorist? How we can trust Mr.Musharraf when he is clearly saying that “the Kargil operations were a landmark in the history of the Pakistani army.” We are well capable of tackling this terrorist by our-self, so just tackle it, give a big lesson to these terrorist and show the world India don’t need anyone helps to tackle terrorism in India. 

NEW DELHI – Pakistan has to prove it is sincere about working with India to counter terrorism, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh warned after police accused Islamabad of plotting blasts that killed 186 commuters in India’s financial capital Mumbai.

‘Pakistan will have to walk the talk,’ to back up its promise to cooperate on terrorism, Singh told reporters Tuesday night.

‘Whatever has been discovered (by Mumbai police), we shall share that information with Pakistan and test them on how sincere they are in carrying forward the commitment I and President (Pervez) Musharraf have underlined,’ Singh said on his plane trip home from South Africa.

Mumbai police chief A.N. Roy on Saturday publicly accused Pakistan’s spy agency, the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), of orchestrating the July attacks on trains that also wounded 800.

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