Israel should face war crimes probe over Lebanon: UN food rights expert

And Hamas will get Nobel Peace Prize? If Israel if guilty of war crimes then Hamas is guilty of Human Rights crime by killings innocents in terrorist attack all over Israel.

GENEVA: Israel should be held to account for possible war crimes during its offensive in Lebanon, the United Nations’ food rights expert said in a report obtained today.

Jean Ziegler, who reports to the UN Human Rights Council, called for an international probe to determine whether Israel was responsible for “grave breaches” of the Geneva Conventions and “possibly, war crimes” under the rules of the International Criminal Court. Ziegler visited Lebanon from Sept 11-16. He is due tomorrow to present his findings to the 47-nation Council, which is currently in session.

In his report, Ziegler said that during its July 12 to August 14 offensive Israel appeared to have forgotten that the Geneva Conventions which govern conflicts bar warring parties from attacking food and water supplies.

“According to international jurisprudence, the government of Israel should be held responsible under international law for any violation of the right to food of the Lebanese civilian population,” he said.

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