UN quake aid went to extremists

Remember President Musharraf praising Jamaat ud-Dawa and the al-Rashid Trust for their humaterian work aftermath of the earthquake? Jamaat ud-Dawa is closely associated with Let (Lashkar-e-Toiba) a banned terrorist organisation. All these charities not doing any sort of humanitarian work LeT is involved in terrorism and committed many crimes against humanity is still banned but still Government of Pakistan praising their associated organisation. Who says Pakistan support Terrorist?


Some UN relief money was channelled through charities associated with extremist jihadi groups in the wake of the 2005 Pakistan earthquake, a BBC investigation has found.

The quake killed 79,000 people, and left 11,000 children orphaned last October. More than two million people lost their homes.

The BBC has discovered that one of the charities linked with extremists is now using its position to gain access to orphaned or fatherless children.

In the days following the catastrophic earthquake, the government of Pakistan promised that all such children would be looked after either by their extended family or the state.

It is difficult to imagine the scale of the destruction last October. Many of the survivors told me they thought it was the end of the world – literally.


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