US asks India to stop blaming Pakistan

Double standard? When some one attack on US you start full fledges War and when some one attack
India you ask India to sit and talk to resolve the issue. Need to change this attitude if you people really want to win War on Terror. You can’t have one policy for yourself and one policy for the other country for the same problem.


ISLAMABAD, Oct 3: The United States on Tuesday advised India not to blame Pakistan for the Mubmai blasts without certain proof and suggested that New Delhi should resolve the issue through a ‘direct contact’ with Islamabad.

“India should communicate with Pakistan by having direct contact instead of talking about the Mumbai train blasts in the public,” US Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker told a news conference.

He said the United States wanted Indian and Pakistani governments to discuss all the issues between them, including the Kashmir dispute, to normalise their relations.

“We hope that both the countries would keep all their channels open to rectify their misunderstandings,” he said, adding that accusing statements would serve no purpose.

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  1. This is total rubbish and should be rejected outrightly.The US suggestion that INDIA shouldn’t put blame on PAKISTAN for the MUMBAI blasts is a sign of duplicity and practising double standards.It has been proved beyond doubt that indirectly PAKISTAN was involved with the covert assistance of ISI and JIHADI terror network that it has built ovet the years.ITs high time we realise that no one,not even US will come to our rescue.We have to resolve this terrorism on our own.AnD we should be tough and resolute in guarding our national interest come whatever.SO all in all US SHOULD ALSO UNDERSTAND INDIA IS NOT GOING TO BE BULLIED OR COWED DOWN BY SUCH ACTS AND US SHOULD STOP LECTURING US WHAT WE SHOULD DO AND WHAT NOT.WHEN IT SUITS THEIR INTEREST EVERY ACTION THEY UNDERTAKE IS JUSTIFIED AND FOR OTHERS THEY PUT ROAD BLOCKS IN THE WAY.THAT IS SHEER DUPLICITY.THE SOONER US LEARNS IT,THE BETTER IT IS.

  2. Dear Chiku,

    Very right I am totally agree with you, but sad thing is that our politcian only listen to Dubaya Bush not us:(

  3. yes US don’t say like this
    don’t you know

    It is useless to play flute in front of bufallow

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