Campus radicals ‘growing problem’

And authorities are doing nothing to tackle this problem. Well Done!

Radicalisation of students by Islamist groups is a growing problem at some UK universities, the BBC has been told.

Muslim sources said at certain campuses radical Islamist groups have secretly been recruiting new members, preying on those they regard as vulnerable.

Professor Anthony Glees, of Brunel University, said the authorities were doing little to tackle the problem.

But the Federation of Student Islamic Societies said it had found no evidence of widespread radicalisation.

The overwhelming majority of British Muslim students have no interest in violence.

Whatever misgivings they may have about British foreign policy and police actions in the UK, they see their religion as one of peace.

But a number of Muslim sources have told the BBC that radicalisation at certain universities is on the increase and those seen as vulnerable to indoctrination are being targeted.


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Straw’s veil comments spark anger among Muslim groups

Why these people don’t want to understand Simple English? Its not about discrimination its about communication and good relations with in communities.

Jack Straw, the ex-foreign secretary, has angered Muslim groups by suggesting women who wear veils can make relations between communities more difficult.

The Blackburn MP says the veil is a “visible statement of separation and of difference” and he asks women visiting his surgery to consider removing it.

The Islamic Human Rights Commission said the Commons leader’s request was selective discrimination.

But the Muslim Council of Britain said it understood Mr Straw’s discomfort.

Muslims make up about a quarter of the population of Blackburn, and Mr Straw said he had carefully considered his remarks.

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AJK PM asks IHK govt help save Afzal Guru’s life

Look who is talking about Human Rights convention. Pakistan Held Kashmir Prime Minister Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan is now requesting Indian authority to spare the life of Mr.Afzal Guru, main culprit Parliament attack in 2001 on human rights ground. Mr.khan let me tell you one thing, he is not activist he is terrorist who has committed crime against India and Indian citizen, so he should be hanged till death. Please don’t talk about human rights as Pakistan got worst record in world in protecting human rights of its own citizen, so better advice Mr.Musharraf about human rights so your citizens can live freely and happily. If you had forget by any chance here is a reminder for you Human Rights Violations in Azad Kashmir.

Human Rights Violations in Azad Kashmir.

ISLAMABAD, Sept 4: Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan said on Wednesday he had made a rare appeal to the Indian-held Kashmir government to help save the life of a compatriot, Afzal Guru, sentenced to death on the disputed charge of a role in a deadly attack on parliament in New Delhi.

Pakistani authorities and human rights groups in both Pakistan and India have urged New Delhi to spare the life of activist Guru, who denies the charge about the 2001 attack.

The Azad Kashmir premier’s appeal, disclosed during an interview with Dawn, will be the first official approach to pro-Indian leadership in the Indian-held part of the disputed state where the anti-India All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) has already launched a protest campaign against the sentence.

The Indian Supreme Court has approved the sentence against Mr Guru who can now be saved only by a pardon by the Indian president.

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As India prepares 7/11 blasts proof, Musharraf says charges ‘regrettable’

Ah same old story, how can you say that you are fighting against terror when your agency are invloved in Mubai bombing.

Islamabad, October 5: India’s accusation of Pakistan’s involvement in the July 11 Mumbai train blasts was “regrettable”, President Pervez Musharraf has said.

“Pakistan is fighting a war against terrorism on principles. India’s blaming Pakistan for Mumbai bomb blasts is regrettable,” Musharraf said during a meeting with Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz.

Musharraf, who discussed with Aziz the deliberations he had with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Cuba, said, “The joint declaration issued in Havana might take forward the movement for resolution of all conflicts including the core issue of Kashmir.”

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British police probe Muslim officer’s refusal of Israeli guard duty

I never knew that Police officers can choose and pick their Duty Stations. This is just rubbish. His first duty is to follow law and abide by UK constitution, protect UK citizen and any one who is lawfully staying in this country without any favour. But his actions shows that he will only protect people from certain faith and religion?

LONDON (AFP) – Britain’s top police official has ordered an urgent inquiry into a decision to excuse a Muslim officer from guard duty at the Israeli embassy during Israel’s recent offensive on Lebanon, police said.

“An urgent review into the decision not to post an officer at the Israeli embassy” was ordered by Sir Ian Blair, head of the capital’s Metropolitan Police, a police spokesman told AFP on Thursday.

The Sun newspaper said the probe targetted policeman Alexander Omar Basha, saying he had asked for a special dispensation because of moral objection to Israel’s bombing campaign on Lebanon, in July and August

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18-year-old girl charged for failed UK bomb plot

An 18-year-old woman was charged on Tuesday, in connection with an alleged failed attempt to bomb London in July last year, two weeks after the July 7 attacks on the capital’s transport network, police said.The teenager, who was not named, is due to appear at City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, the Metropolitan Police said.

She is charged with “knowing or believing” one of the men alleged to have been behind the July 21 plot, Yassin Omar, had been involved, a police statement said.

She is also accused of having information that may have helped in Omar’s arrest but failing to tell the authorities “as soon as reasonably practicable”.

Two men aged 19 and 24, who were arrested along with the woman last Wednesday, were released on Monday evening without charge, police added.

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Islam hijacked

 Is some one talking Sense?

Many people equate terrorism with Muslim fundamentalism, but do not know that Islam is strongly opposed to all forms of terrorism. Nor would they know that it is a fairly recent Islamic sect that has succeeded in capturing the minds of poor Muslims worldwide.

Most Muslims look upon the Qur’an as the infallible, eternal and unchangeable words of Allah. But not many know how much the teachings of the Prophet have been revised over the past 14 centuries.

The Qur’an only began to be compiled 14 years after Muhammad’s death in 632 AD when Khalif Abu Bakr gave Zaid Ibn Thabit, one of the Prophet’s companions, the task of writing it.

The third Khalif Othman then announced the definitive Madina version in 665 AD. Several other versions were gathered and burned.

But the Suras, or verses, of the Qur’an did not answer all the questions of a changing society. Hence, Muslim clerics sought further scriptural authorities for interpreting Islamic law.

Two hundred years later the celebrated Al-Bukhari added examples from the life of the Prophet as the Hadith. He travelled the entire Muslim world to compile most of it. But he was appalled by the credulity of people and on his own authority rejected 99.6 per cent of the 60,000 pious contributions offered to him.

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