AJK PM asks IHK govt help save Afzal Guru’s life

Look who is talking about Human Rights convention. Pakistan Held Kashmir Prime Minister Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan is now requesting Indian authority to spare the life of Mr.Afzal Guru, main culprit Parliament attack in 2001 on human rights ground. Mr.khan let me tell you one thing, he is not activist he is terrorist who has committed crime against India and Indian citizen, so he should be hanged till death. Please don’t talk about human rights as Pakistan got worst record in world in protecting human rights of its own citizen, so better advice Mr.Musharraf about human rights so your citizens can live freely and happily. If you had forget by any chance here is a reminder for you Human Rights Violations in Azad Kashmir.

Human Rights Violations in Azad Kashmir.

ISLAMABAD, Sept 4: Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan said on Wednesday he had made a rare appeal to the Indian-held Kashmir government to help save the life of a compatriot, Afzal Guru, sentenced to death on the disputed charge of a role in a deadly attack on parliament in New Delhi.

Pakistani authorities and human rights groups in both Pakistan and India have urged New Delhi to spare the life of activist Guru, who denies the charge about the 2001 attack.

The Azad Kashmir premier’s appeal, disclosed during an interview with Dawn, will be the first official approach to pro-Indian leadership in the Indian-held part of the disputed state where the anti-India All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) has already launched a protest campaign against the sentence.

The Indian Supreme Court has approved the sentence against Mr Guru who can now be saved only by a pardon by the Indian president.

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  1. What can one expect the AJK PM . The Azad Kashmir people will naturally want Azaadi for Afzal. I wouldn’t want to be in the Presidnt shoes. It must be so difficult to decide on the fate of a human life even if he is a terrorist.

  2. Azad Kasmir, the wordl itself make me laugh..Azad Kasmir Far from Free to be honest with you. Yeah i agree with you even I would not want to president shoes, but I hope what ever decision he will made, he will made in the interest of whole country.

  3. “Please don’t talk about human rights as Pakistan got worst record in world in protecting human rights of its own citizen,”

    Hahaha..this is interesting. I like the way you bash them up 😛

  4. This thing has raised up a lot of controversy now.It’s funny the way the news channels made every person go against the Congress.They sensationalise the news so brilliantly.

    Now even the Congress is saying that Afzal should be hanged.The other day his wife was gonna meet the President.I don’t have a clue what’s happening.He should be hanged in my opinion too cause attacking the parliament house is atrocious.The US would never leave someone who attacked the Pentagon or the White House.But on the other hand,they discourage death sentences too.Tough time up for the Congress.Let’s see what they can do.

  5. Ruhi,

    thanks but they deserve more bashing…Terrorist State Of Pakistan:)

  6. Hi Ish,

    thanks for sharing your thought, I know its tough time for congress and especially for our President, and I am sure President will make right decision. The thing is we can’t spare Mr.Afzal life no matter what, reason is if we spare his life it will show that we are soft, and it might give wrong signal to terrorist. Who ever Hindu or Muslim attack our country entity shoudnt be spare. Terrorist and Traitors should be deal with high punishment.

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