Campus radicals ‘growing problem’

And authorities are doing nothing to tackle this problem. Well Done!

Radicalisation of students by Islamist groups is a growing problem at some UK universities, the BBC has been told.

Muslim sources said at certain campuses radical Islamist groups have secretly been recruiting new members, preying on those they regard as vulnerable.

Professor Anthony Glees, of Brunel University, said the authorities were doing little to tackle the problem.

But the Federation of Student Islamic Societies said it had found no evidence of widespread radicalisation.

The overwhelming majority of British Muslim students have no interest in violence.

Whatever misgivings they may have about British foreign policy and police actions in the UK, they see their religion as one of peace.

But a number of Muslim sources have told the BBC that radicalisation at certain universities is on the increase and those seen as vulnerable to indoctrination are being targeted.


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