Islam hijacked

 Is some one talking Sense?

Many people equate terrorism with Muslim fundamentalism, but do not know that Islam is strongly opposed to all forms of terrorism. Nor would they know that it is a fairly recent Islamic sect that has succeeded in capturing the minds of poor Muslims worldwide.

Most Muslims look upon the Qur’an as the infallible, eternal and unchangeable words of Allah. But not many know how much the teachings of the Prophet have been revised over the past 14 centuries.

The Qur’an only began to be compiled 14 years after Muhammad’s death in 632 AD when Khalif Abu Bakr gave Zaid Ibn Thabit, one of the Prophet’s companions, the task of writing it.

The third Khalif Othman then announced the definitive Madina version in 665 AD. Several other versions were gathered and burned.

But the Suras, or verses, of the Qur’an did not answer all the questions of a changing society. Hence, Muslim clerics sought further scriptural authorities for interpreting Islamic law.

Two hundred years later the celebrated Al-Bukhari added examples from the life of the Prophet as the Hadith. He travelled the entire Muslim world to compile most of it. But he was appalled by the credulity of people and on his own authority rejected 99.6 per cent of the 60,000 pious contributions offered to him.

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  1. I read someewhere that the meaning of the word Islam is actually peace. distortion of original text is there in all documents.

  2. Dear Hiren,

    Thanks for commenting, I also know and believe that Islam is all abbout Peace but its been hijacked by some radiclas for their own political cause. And sad thing is people started beliving in these radicals instead of Holy Koran.

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