India not reciprocating, says Mirwaiz

Well we cant reciprocate same feeling because we are not Terrorist state as Pakistan. Yeah even India understand that ” Pakistan had been very accommodative” but what you accommodate terrorist? Don’t talk rubbish first reciprocate feeling for peace which India started by abandoning the terrorist camp and jihadis based in Pakistan.

Washington: Moderate Hurriyat Conference leader Mirwaiz Umer Farooq has accused New Delhi of not “reciprocating” the gestures by Islamabad for finding an amicable solution to the Kashmir problem.

The Mirwaiz, who is here to participate in seminars organised by the Kashmiri-American Council, told reporters that Pakistan had been very accommodative.

“But I see no flexibility in India’s attitude…Unless India reciprocates, I do not see the peace process going anywhere.”

“When we met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, he promised to take a number of steps to improve the situation, to make life easy for ordinary Kashmiris but nothing happened,” he said, accusing the Centre of not fulfilling promises made to Pakistan and the Kashmiri separatist leadership.



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