India To UK: ‘When will you lump ISI with al-Qaida?’

I will wait for Mr.Blair answer. I hope this time West will realize that India is also victim of terrorism.

LONDON: When Prime Minister Manmohan Singh meets his British counterpart Tony Blair next week, India will seek an upfront response on that key question in the five-year-old US-led, UK-backed so-called war on terror: How long will the West publicly refuse to lump the ISI along with al-Qaida, the Taliban, Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashar-e Toiba into one big bag marked bloody trouble?

Informed sources said Singh would seek an urgent response from Blair on this key question when the two prime ministers have a tete-e-tete on Tuesday.

This is the first time India will so conclusively lump the ISI with al-Qaida ideologues in a key Western capital, observers said.

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  1. If Tony doesnt come out publically about the ISI connection with terrorist organisations I am not going to vote for Labour in the next elections and nor will the local Indian community here in westsussex.Dawood lives in Pakistan after all that and Pakistan keeps denying this truth 😦

  2. Dear Parminder,

    Thanks for visiting my blog, and sharing your views. Well I dont expect too much from UK government as they got double standard. When some one attack UK, US or Israel US, UK say they are going for war and give the name self defance. And when same thing happen in India they say please talk talk and talk.. Rubbish.

  3. Everybody acts as per their self-interest; and it is India’s misfortune that the current self-interest of the US and UK is to keep Musharaff in command, which means do not embarass him.
    2 ways – India becomes stronger economically, and automatically more people will listen to India like they do to China.
    Second way – keep after media centers and the next in line politicans to influence them to keep on asking the obvious hard questions about Pakistan’s committment to eradicate terrorism. Such hard questions force them to put more pressure on Pakistan.

  4. Dear Ashish,

    Thanks for visiting my blogs an dsharing yoru views, its is correct that its India misfortune that the current self-interest of the US and UK is to keep Musharaff in command, which means do not embarass him. But the question is does US and UK really want to eliminate the terrorism? If yes then must response to India need else they will never be able to eliminate the terrorism. Your second option is very interesting but do you think our politicians are really bothered?

  5. First option? Yeh it is possible if the Indian illitrate idiots ever learned to use condoms 😦
    Its just the rate of population growth which is screwing up all the good growth we have had in the last 10 years.Compete with china? No way China is too far ahead and India is not in any way able to compete with China unless this population explosion stops some how:( Chineese one child policy has worked wonders for China topped up with a very good gdp growth rate China is gonna be second to none when it comes to economic strength in about 15 years time.

    India lacks the political will to progress 😦 and China has plenty of it 😦

  6. @Parminder

    LOl you make me laugh about condoms thoughts, well problems is our some religious leader who says using condom is going against religion. And sad part government is not doing anything to shut their mouths. As far China is concerned well in terms of infrastructure I do agree with you we far behind but in terms growth we are we near and take my word in terms of growth we will take over chine in 10 years time. India lacks strong polictical leader, but in terms of political progress I would still choose India as at least we live in democracy not in bloody communist state:)

  7. Sorry about digging this old post of yours but I would like to hear from you guys about the ISI future in Pakistan and the impact of this emergency on India.
    Do you think India will feel the heat in time to come or is Uncle Mush capable of keeping a cap on the hardliners?

    I am of the opinion that Musharaf will be out of power soon and some puppet government in the hands of Muslim hardliners will screw that country big time and will start blackmailing India coz of the nukes they have 😦

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