Pak still backing terrorists: Nato

Anyone Listening?

WASHINGTON: Pakistan is in the crosshairs of western military commanders as the source, supplier and instigator of terrorism, notwithstanding periodic certifications from the Bush administration that is a frontline ally in the war on terror.

Commanders from five Nato countries – the US, Britain, Denmark, Canada and Holland — whose troops have just fought the bloodiest battle with the Taliban in five years, are demanding their governments get tough with Pakistan over the support and sanctuary its security services provide to the Taliban, according to Ahmad Rashid, a prominent Pakistani analyst and author of an well-known book on Taliban.

In a dispatch from Afghanistan that is roiling Washington, Rashid says Nato’s report on Operation Medusa, an intense battle that lasted from September 4-17, “demonstrates the extent of the Taliban’s military capability and states clearly that Pakistan’s Interservices Intelligence (ISI) is involved in supplying it.”

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  1. This is great. As all of us know, it is only when their own citizens get impacted do these coutries leave aside all their balancing act and react with fury; now that their soldiers are facing the brunt of Pakistan’s duplicity, one can expect more positive outcomes now.

  2. Dear Ashish,

    Well I am hoping same, that now West will pressure Pakistan to stop sponsering terrorism. But unfortunately its a long way and they will never stop!

  3. It was always a known fact Pakistan was a terrorist powerhouse. I still don’t get why they don’t send a commando team to wipe out the camps near the Indo-Pak border. And execute Musharraf.

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