BPO cheat flees after TV channel expose, cops clueless

Update:Channel 4 exposes call center fraud in India

This is interesting, How the hell he came to know that police and CID is after him? Any Clue?

KOLKATA: The white collar, educated criminal proved smart enough to be one step ahead of the police and made a quick escape, even as the cops were planning to raid his home and arrest him.

Sensing that a London-based television would reveal his identity and involvement in the selling of credit card information of his clients, the Kolkata-based call centre employee Sushant Chandak promptly escaped, leaving the police clueless of his whereabouts.

The CID of the West Bengal police is yet to secure any clues about what may have alerted Chandak to flee his house hours before the planned crack down.

When contacted by DNA, the DIG-CID (operations) Rajive Kumar said the CID did not have information on where Chandak may have headed. He, however, did not reveal who could have tipped off Chandak and refused to divulge any further details.

A British TV company had conducted a sting operation on the call centre employee willing to sell client information of 20,000 UK cardholders and were to air the programme ‘The Date Theft Scandal’, exposing Chandak.

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  1. Doesn’t surprise me lol. He probably bribed some top official beforehand to give him info before a crackdown, and when he got it, he flees.

  2. Paranoia, tip-off, someone on the inside?

    I have heard this program and hopefully it has not aired yet … I am going to watch it.

  3. @Lizze

    That for sure some one has given him info in return of some money, else how come he will know CID is after him? Program is alread aired on 5th of october:)

  4. @Slim

    you very intelligent:)) I agree with you

  5. right … I’ll find it on bit torrent then thanks 🙂

  6. @lizze

    Did you find on torrent? let me know also..:)

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