India to brief Britain, EU on findings of probe into July bombings

And EU will say OK, We do understand you are also victim of Terrorism but you should talk to Pakistan and try to find solution by round table meetings. When some one attacks UK, USA or Israel we go for full fledged War, but if its happens to India every body comes out giving lecture about diplomatic talk and peace talk Why? I just hope that this time EU will understand India points and put some more pressure on Pakistan to abandoned terrorist camp running in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

NEW DELHI – India will brief Britain and the European Union on its investigations into the deadly July train bombings that police have accused Pakistan’s spy agency of masterminding, an Indian official said Saturday.

“Counter-terrorism is an issue we have been discussing with the EU and the UK (Britain),” Indian Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon told reporters.

Menon was responding to questions about whether New Delhi would raise Pakistan’s alleged involvement in the blasts during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s six-day visit to Britain and Finland that begins Monday.

“We will certainly be discussing … these issues which include our own experiences with terrorism,” he said.

The July 11 blasts in India’s western financial hub of Mumbai killed 186 people and wounded at least 800.

Last week, Mumbai’s police chief accused Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) of orchestrating the attacks, a charge that Islamabad has denied.

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  1. I believe they’re diplomatic when it comes to India because every damned Indian politician wants “peace”. “Working toward peace”. Its like some person annoying you, and you’re begging for him to stop. One punch in the nose would make him stop forever. And that is what we should be doing, bombing Pakistan and PoK and get rid of the little pests instead of being nice to them. You know, I ought to be the Prime Minister of this country and everything would be fine lol.

  2. @Slim

    Good luck with your wish, so I can see would be Prime Minister visting my blod that cool. Well all the politicians are working under pressure from Big Brother “US”. They know very well how to make Indians fool, and we Indians always follow their flase promises. We need some one like Indira Gandhi or Lal Bahadur Shastri to teach the lessons.

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