Police to toughen approach to Islamic extremists

Yes! Finally we need Zero tolerance approach towards extremists.

Scotland Yard are to clamp down on Islamist extremists demonstrating in London following a series of complaints that radicals are being allowed to break the law, and are misrepresenting the views of the Muslim community.

The police are to use tactics deployed against crime bosses and suspected terrorists to target individuals who have called for the execution of critics of Islam and have been accused of stirring up racial hatred.

A team of specialist lawyers is also to be created to help the police prosecute radicals, under a proposal by the country’s most senior Muslim police chief.

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  1. You know, Eka, I’d like to believe this is true. But based on the Europe’s general track record – it’ll get so watered down that they’ll be asking them polite questions whilst serving them tea and crumpets.

    Although, I did like that bit about Jack Straw insisting that any muslim women visiting his office had to remove their veils (impedes communications, says he). That should certainly stir up some noise. I wonder, will the muslims burn him in effigy in Piccadily Square, next week?

  2. It sounds good in principle, but when it actually comes to taking some action, there will be noises about racial profiling, religious discrimination and violation of human rights, enough to stop all such attempts..

  3. Ashish,

    You correct they will come up with same old song haha:) but government need to stand firm this time else will be too late.

  4. writerchick

    Well here in UK government is too soft, most people scared to talk about this burning issue openly. But some one some how have to take stand else will be too late. Jack was right when you cant see the face how you will be assured person is understanding you or you understanding her? Its rubbish that people are shouting about this.

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