Sex is an experience of life: Sush

From my own experience sex without love is meaningless and can never compete with sex between two people who love each other enough to spend the rest of life’s up’s and down’s together.


More than her acting skills, Sushmita Sen is becoming popular for getting intimate with married men! In a chat with, she talks about her relationship with current flame Manav Menon, virginity and much more.


“Virginity has lost its meaning today. And it’s true for a man as well as a woman. No one investigates whether a woman or a man is virgin or not before getting into a relationship. Everyone knows that sex is an experience of life. When I am in love, I am in love and when I am not I am not. It’s as simple as that.”

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  1. Interesting views. It reminds me of what I read in a blog sometime back – “Women need a reason to have sex. Men just need a place”.

    Though Aishwarya Rai seems to be the hot favorite with many, I have always found Sush more attractive.

  2. Sorry, forgot to mention- Very nice photographs- they couldn’t have been otherwise.

  3. It’s an excuse for not being called a whore/slut/husband stealer. She would do well in Nevada lol.

  4. @Slim

    Hey I like the way you bash up the things :)) Keep riting. I dont think she will get any sort of role in Nevada:)

  5. Dear Hiren,

    Well thanks for comments on pics, well personally if I will have chance I will go with Ash:) Sush she is gorgeous and intelligent women. But I don’t agree with her one point Love is always blind to marital status of a person. When you try with married man, its just of order, it can happen accidentally once or twice not every time. What she is doing breaking marriage it’s not good. It’s not good for role model.

  6. Absolutely… you hit the nail on the head that time. What sort of role model is she if she decides to be a husband stealer?

    And lol, bashing celebrities is kind of a hobby for me :))

  7. I feel nostalgic when I think of the time I used to admire sushmita sen, even met her in trinidad in 1994, the year she became miss universe. Back then, she was an incredibly charismatic woman, with amazing height, wit and fit to be a role model……… 10-12 years ago.

    sadly, she has now turned into a 30-something year old marriage-wrecker & chain-smoker who counters her personal life’s misdemeanors by lamely claiming in interviews that ‘SHE is not the cause… Marriages would never break up if they were strong enough betwen a husband and wife.’


    why put men’s marriages, time-tested as they already are between a married couple, to the test of a 5ft 9″ former miss universe, current bollywood beauty with long legs, attractive eyes and ultra liberal ways?
    few men can keep a marriage strong after such a test.
    why not enter a marriage with a man yourself sushmita?
    maybe then you won’t be that quick to label a marriage strong or weak, and you will realize how much work it takes for a marriage to thrive- to build a house, to raise a home…to keep a family together

    it takes two to tango, and a married man never leaves his wife suddenly, like a red hot brick, it takes time to build up an affair, and lessen the marital love for the wife and simultaneously increase the lust for the “other woman” who fully co-operates to help him achieve this state of mind, and who is fully aware of the consequences HE, not she would have to face when it comes out in the open.People like Sushmita Sen are beautiful, charismatic, but get exactly what they want when they want it, at any cost, and to use and throw away for something new later on.

    A husband stealer, is something that is probably Western, but the sanctity of marriage still manages to exist in India. Sushmita Sen takes the sanctity of marriage away, destroys it with her Scorpio sting.

    P.S- Ash or Sushmita? ..duh…ASH all the way!

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