How Pakistan plans to fight an all out war with India this time?

Pakistan know very well from start they cant start full fledged conventional war with India, as they will not be able to compete at any area of war from Army to Airforce. They are nuclear power but they know it very well that if they use nuclera bomb they will be wiped out from world map in few minutes. So they come with new technique Terrorism. Cowards

Pakistani missiles will be useless. Pakistani Air Force and Army will retreat in a day or two. India will dominate the air space within a few hours of war declaration. But Pakistan has been developing its secret weapon system that will surprise India. India has started getting some taste of it.

It is called Pakistani military intelligence agency ISI. Sometimes in year 2000 after the defeat in Kargill war against India, Pakistan decided there is no use of competing with India in conventional arms race. India is big, twelfth richest country in the world and is a favorite of the West and the Russians.

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African Taliban?

Act now stop this now! Else I can see as a potential new home for fundamentalist Islam in Africa.

Islam has tamed a lawless Somalia, but is it raising an African Taliban?

As a senior drill officer for Somalia’s new Islamic army, Col Abukar Sheikh Mohamed is proud to have recruited some of the unholiest warriors ever to grace a parade ground.

Marching over the sandy strip in front of him are former members of Mogadishu’s notorious warlord militias, the drug-crazed freelance killers, robbers and rapists who have brought anarchy to the capital for the past 16 years.

Now, the Islamic Courts Union (ICU), a new religious movement which drove out the warlords two months ago, is “rehabilitating” them to defend the land that they so spectacularly destroyed.

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The Church says ‘privileged attention’ has been given to the Islamic faith

Is our government listening? Is the government “Faith” policy is only to please particular faith and Religion? Why we are too scared to talk about it?

In a wide-ranging condemnation of policy, it says that the attempt to make minority “faith” communities more integrated has backfired, leaving society “more separated than ever before”. The criticisms are made in a confidential Church document, leaked to The Sunday Telegraph, that challenges the “widespread description” of Britain as a multi-faith society and even calls for the term “multi-faith” to be reconsidered.

It claims that divisions between communities have been deepened by the Government’s “schizophrenic” approach to tackling multiculturalism. While trying to encourage interfaith relations, it has actually given “privileged attention” to the Islamic faith and Muslim communities.

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Palestinians teeter on edge of civil war

This is what can happen when citizen choose Terrorist organization (Hamas) to lead the country.

A BLUNT warning that the West Bank and Gaza are on the brink of civil war was issued this weekend by the head of Palestinian intelligence.

Brigadier-General Tawfik Tirawi predicted a bloody clash between Hamas, the Islamist movement headed by Ismail Haniyah, the Palestinian prime minister, and Fatah, its secular rival led by President Mahmoud Abbas.

“We are already at the beginning of a civil war, no doubt about it. They (Hamas) are accumulating weapons and a full-scale civil war can break out at any moment,” said Tirawi.

Abbas’s attempts to form a coalition between the two Palestinian groups collapsed last week after he insisted Hamas must recognise Israel and give up violence. Abbas believes recognising Israel is the only way to secure the release of millions of pounds of European Union and US aid frozen since Hamas won elections in January.

Tirawi believes Hamas will never accept the existence of Israel and said a violent showdown was inevitable. “No way can they agree. They are preparing for a war against us,” he said. Last week 12 people were killed as fighting between the two groups escalated.

According to Palestinian sources, Abbas has notified the US, Jordan and Egypt that he is preparing to take action against Hamas. Egypt has already indicated it would support him, the sources claim.

Tirawi is determined not to let Hamas ruin the faint chance of a peace agreement with Israel. While Hamas is believed to have 8,000 fighters, Fatah sources claim 20,000. Tirawi forecasts that the violence would begin in Gaza and spread to the West Bank.


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Pakistani intelligence service ISI training Taliban fighters:Britain

Same thing India & Afghanistan are saying since long, but no one in west is bothered to listen!

Britain says Pakistan is hiding Taliban chief

THE British general commanding Nato troops in Afghanistan is to confront Pakistan’s president over his country’s support for the Taliban.

Among the evidence amassed is the address of the Taliban’s leader in a Pakistani city.

Lieutenant-General David Richards will fly to Islamabad tomorrow to try to persuade Pervez Musharraf to rein in his military intelligence service, which Richards believes is training Taliban fighters to attack British troops. He will request that key Taliban leaders living in Pakistan be arrested.

The evidence compiled by American, Nato and Afghan intelligence includes satellite pictures and videos of training camps for Taliban soldiers and suicide bombers inside Pakistan.

Captured Taliban fighters and failed suicide bombers have confirmed that they were trained by the Pakistani intelligence service, known as the ISI. The information includes an address in Quetta where Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader, is said to live.

Musharraf had publicly acknowledged “a Taliban problem on the Pakistan side of the border”, said Richards. “Undoubtedly something has got to happen,” he added.

“I feel real vitriol seeing our boys dying because of Pakistan,” said one British officer”

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Neha lusts for a chef!

If you are Chef! You got 100% chance to impress her. I am not chef but I can cook Neha 🙂

They say way to man’s heart is through his stomach. But now it is vice-versa. Sultry Neha Dhupia feels sumptuous food along with Mr. Right make for an awesome twosome!

This is what she says: “If my man prepares breakfasts for me, I think that will the most romantic meal of the day. I am a passionate food lover.”

“It’s got to be hot scrambled eggs that makes me feel romantic and makes my day. So if my man knows how to make delicious breakfast then nothing like it.
Read Full Interview!

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Two Indians tipped for Economics Nobel

Good News. After Dr. Amartya Kumar Sen who will be next Guru Jagdish Bhagwati or Avinash Dixit? Keep your finger cross and wait till Monday. Good Luck to both of them !

WASHINGTON: Two economists of Indian origin, including a close personal friend of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, are on the short list of prospective Nobel Prize winners in economics to be announced on Monday.

Predicting Nobel winners is a notoriously inexact exercise, but Columbia University don and globalization guru Jagdish Bhagwati has been a perennial favourite for the past decade, tipped for the Prize even before his Indian peer and rival Amartya Sen won it in 1998.

This year Bhagwati is again on a shortlist proposed by Thomson Scientific, which develops a list of likely winners each year in medicine, chemistry, physics and economics based on academic contributions over a lifetime, citation counts over a 30 year span, and the number of high impact papers.

Numerous Thomson nominees have gone on to win Nobels, somewhat like Golden Globe winners clinching Academy Awards.

Columbia’s Bhagwati, a free trade proponent who was an external adviser to the World Trade Organisation and served as a special policy adviser on globalisation to the U.N, has made the Thomson cut for several years.

But this year, he is particularly ‘hot,’ and an live online poll by Thomson Scientific over the weekend showed 33 per of respondents believe he, along with fellow economists Avinash Dixit and Paul Krugman, will jointly win the Economics Nobel this year “for their contributions to international trade theory.” 

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