African Taliban?

Act now stop this now! Else I can see as a potential new home for fundamentalist Islam in Africa.

Islam has tamed a lawless Somalia, but is it raising an African Taliban?

As a senior drill officer for Somalia’s new Islamic army, Col Abukar Sheikh Mohamed is proud to have recruited some of the unholiest warriors ever to grace a parade ground.

Marching over the sandy strip in front of him are former members of Mogadishu’s notorious warlord militias, the drug-crazed freelance killers, robbers and rapists who have brought anarchy to the capital for the past 16 years.

Now, the Islamic Courts Union (ICU), a new religious movement which drove out the warlords two months ago, is “rehabilitating” them to defend the land that they so spectacularly destroyed.

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  1. Air raid Somalia. No one cares. There is nothing useful in Somalia lol.

  2. @Slim

    Its sad to be honest becuase no big countries cares for these poor people..

  3. Big countries expect something in return in some way or the other for “helping out”. No one wants to do things for free. That’s how the system works, sadly. One of the reasons militants and terrorists grow in number in such poor countries.

  4. @slim

    you so so right, wish Africa had some OIL, then i guess big countries would be interested in solving the problem.

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