Do You Know how to twist News?

I am not surprised but yeah really irritated to see that how some media reflect on news and make their burning headlines just please their readers. This sort of twisting of news can send a wrong signal to their readers especially when we are really having trouble in understanding each other faith, religion and cast. Look at this headline from Arabic News Paper for the same news which was published on 6Th of October in Times Online and other regional paper of different countries about diversity in UK. You read the report on all three sites and you will found out the difference. Ethnic map reveals rich urban mix of cultures and religion

Independent:Revealed: the diversity that defines a nation Muslims most disadvantaged in Britain – survey

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  1. This not twisting, this is just plain simple truth, which Europeans want to hide.

  2. Why all this survey about religion, ethnicity etc. in the first place? All they do is widen the gap that already exists between people of different religion, as you can see from Mir Nazim’s comment.

  3. well said slim. I hope there are more people like u

  4. Dear Nazim

    Thanks for sharing your views, well Nazim as you said its plain truth but have you read the full report? Muslims are disadvantages group I do agree but do you think it’s all because Europeans? If they really want to hide this data why the hell they went for biggest survey in their history? In my opinion we should not twist this heading of report of our own cause. Well at least European did published the data, tell me how many Islamic countries has published data? None. Muslims enjoy more freedom in Europe than in Islamic countries and its fact, if you don’t believe than I would recommend you to read all Human Rights report. We shouldn’t be seeing this report in this hatred terms, we should how we can integrate with Europeans if we really want to settle down here.

    Second Most of Muslims are between 16-20 years old so they can’t work, as said in report. Muslims women most of them either never worked or don’t want to work so of course in terms financial benefit they suffer. So there are reason too given in report, we need to think in broader sense not just one headline and make up our mind.

  5. Lol Nazim, we can only hope there are more sane people out there.

    Yeah well, that might be the truth BUT different people interpret the same thing differently. Some newspapers want sensation and readership, so they don’t concentrate on quality and REAL news. We as sane people should be more watchful about such bullshit and should not believe blindly everything that is said.

  6. @ekawaaz and @slim

    I agree with both of you. The points you made are quite valid, but just for a second why does not any see such twisting of news in case of non-muslim media. When British women want their right to wear hijab, European media reports that hard liner imams are radicalizing even muslim women(BBC report 2004). How ethinic cleansing of Muslims in Gujrat never got media attention and ethinic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits is still a hot buzz word for media, when actual the culprits are some else(PS: Had muslims wanted to remove “KAFIR”(the term used by media) from kashmir why did we leave Sikhs or they are not Kafir).

  7. Dear Nazim,

    Thanks for coming back and sharing your views with us. Let me clear one thing here if you are talking about Hijab case in France, then you can’t complain about it because France is secular country and they had made this rule for all religion, Hindu, Christians, and Sikhs and Jews saying that no one is allowed to wear any religious symbol in school. France is a secular country and they wanted to implement secular values in school so in one sense it’s correct when you live in secular country you supposed to follow countries rule. Tell me how many Islamic allows other religion to practice their faith openly and freely? In Middle East you can’t even take Bible or Geeta or other religious books with you. I don’t know if you had traveled to middle east or not, but due to work reason I had traveled and I had obeyed their all laws so when people from these countries comes to Europe or Goes to any other countries they are expected to follow that country laws. Gujrat riots are mentioned every where and all the government condemned it. Even US denied Mr.Modi Visa.

    I fondly remember days where one was not a Muslim or a Hindu, but simply Kashmiris — friends and neighbors. Unfortunately, many of the Muslim Kashmir fell into a Pakistani militant trap, which turned them against their Hindu friends and neighbors. This led to their own homes and lives being controlled by these militants. Kashmir always has been India and it has worked beautifully this way for so long. Violence is always deplorable. A death or injury is painful whether it is to a Kashmiri Muslim, a Hindu from Jammu, a Buddhist from Ladakh or a soldier performing his duty in a democracy under trying circumstances. Unfortunately, you seem to be focusing on only one set of victims. Muslims who were either supportive or ambivalent to the federal government campaign of terror unleashed back in 1989. Kashmir is burning and it will remain in same state unless people of Kashmir want peace. Blame terrorist don’t blame any particular faith or government, of course Kashmir pundits did left the Kashmir because they were attacked by the terrorist organization, if you don’t remember or haven’t heard about this then please visit Human right website. Talking about Sikhs well they are in Kashmir but mostly moved to Jammu area for safe place. Right?

  8. Dear Slim,

    You right we need more sane people, hope some day some how we will have more sane people. People now a days just try to read headlines and start talking about it with out going into depths, which is wrong. Media is biased I know but not all media is biased.

  9. Dear Brother,
    You are again missing my point, the point here is that France is a secular country, then why is not allowing faith independence. You are right, the ban effected everyone, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs even Christians alike. But don’t you feel it is pseudo-secularism. They behaved more like Communists, the way it used to be in former Soviet Union. If you call it secularism, fine call it, I call it pseudo-secularism.

    As far as, carrying Bible or Geeta to Arab countries is concerned, I think you are talking about Saudi Arabia, because it is the only Arab country that does not allow preaching of other faiths and it does not allow preaching of Islam without proper permission from the Royal State(to prevent the spread of sectarianism). But did Saudi Arabia ever claim to be a secular country, so you can not blam it on them. As far as other Arab countries are concerned there are a lot of temples/churchs in Dubai, Muskat etc). I think you are a bit ill informed on this point.

    When you say that you remember the days when every one was a Kashmiri and not a muslim or a hindu, I am sorry to say that you are just trying to paint a sugar coated world. These are realities that won’t vanish in thin air. Kashmir with all its multi religious society was always at calm as far as communal harmony is concerned. It is show cased by the fact that not a single drop of blood was shed during 1947 parition, when whole India was burning.

    As far as the kashmiri pandits are concerned, they were victim of a fit of false alarm raised by them governor of J & K. A list of people working for IB in Kashmir, dropped in the hand of militants and it they stated killing them. Unfortunately most of them were Kashmiri Pandits. I don’t say muslims were not there. Muslims from the list received even more severe treatment. I myself am a witness. It was arround mid 1991, when militant blew up an alleged IB agent by tying a dynamite stick arround his waist. He was a muslim.

    And for your knowledge Sikhs have not taken shelter in Jammu. They are very much here and living very happily with us. Right here in valley.

  10. You see pseudo-secularism almost everywhere. India is one of the better examples of pseudo-secularism. My point is, why do you care what other people say? Especially people who just read the headlines and not the news itself, like ekawaaz pointed out. You’ve to realize that neither the gossiping people, nor the people affected by it are going to gain anything from it. There are better things to do other than getting pissed off at morons, like killing some terrorists, overthrowing dumbass politicians and talking shit about stupid celebrities lol. Life isn’t half as serious as we think it is.

  11. @Slim,
    Yes, you are right, we need to be level headed in approach. But sometimes there are certain limits to it. Islam is religion of Peace and tolerance in fact, according to Quran, people who are not tolerant will not enter paradise:

    By the token of time. Verily the man is in loss. Except for those who have faith and do righteous deeds and are tolerant and exhort people to be tolerant and follow and exhort people to truth

    Sura Al-Asr. Chapter 103, Verse 1 – 3

    What will you do when some rapes ur sister. Will you tell her oh sister be tolerant. No you have to something aboot it. Similarly, don’t expect muslims to be tolerant when they mock Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessing of Allah be upon him. For every Muslim on this earth, his prophet is dearer to him than his parents, siblings, children, even his own life.

    You want to be tolerant when someone mocks your religion, fine, that is ur way. To us is our own way.

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