How Pakistan plans to fight an all out war with India this time?

Pakistan know very well from start they cant start full fledged conventional war with India, as they will not be able to compete at any area of war from Army to Airforce. They are nuclear power but they know it very well that if they use nuclera bomb they will be wiped out from world map in few minutes. So they come with new technique Terrorism. Cowards

Pakistani missiles will be useless. Pakistani Air Force and Army will retreat in a day or two. India will dominate the air space within a few hours of war declaration. But Pakistan has been developing its secret weapon system that will surprise India. India has started getting some taste of it.

It is called Pakistani military intelligence agency ISI. Sometimes in year 2000 after the defeat in Kargill war against India, Pakistan decided there is no use of competing with India in conventional arms race. India is big, twelfth richest country in the world and is a favorite of the West and the Russians.

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  1. We’re just lucky these terrorists aren’t able to have an REALLY BIG impact on us. Something has to be done soon to wipe out the terrorist camps near the border.

  2. India is full of peasants! It needs to sort out the poverty at its door step first! The bully of South East Asia!

  3. God alone knows when the madness will end permanantly if ever.

  4. @ Slim,

    I still dont understand why our government is so keen on talking, in my opnion you cant have open talk and when guns are already talking. We need some bold and legiminate policy so solve this problem for ever.

    God knows and God will help us, but only when we are ready to help ourselfs.

  5. Indeed, the Prime Minister should stop listening to Sonia and the Leftists and take some bold decisions. I don’t know if that will ever happen though.

  6. @Manish

    thanks for sharing your views, India is trying to sort out poverty problem, but main question how many as citizen really bothered to tackel poverty? We cant complain for the things we dont do by ourselfs. I dont see much people concerend about poverty or for the people living in under poverty, only thing I see people do talk about it, discuss with their friends but in the end its all talks no action. Government is doing their part main question as a citizen are we doing our bit?


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