Two Indians tipped for Economics Nobel

Good News. After Dr. Amartya Kumar Sen who will be next Guru Jagdish Bhagwati or Avinash Dixit? Keep your finger cross and wait till Monday. Good Luck to both of them !

WASHINGTON: Two economists of Indian origin, including a close personal friend of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, are on the short list of prospective Nobel Prize winners in economics to be announced on Monday.

Predicting Nobel winners is a notoriously inexact exercise, but Columbia University don and globalization guru Jagdish Bhagwati has been a perennial favourite for the past decade, tipped for the Prize even before his Indian peer and rival Amartya Sen won it in 1998.

This year Bhagwati is again on a shortlist proposed by Thomson Scientific, which develops a list of likely winners each year in medicine, chemistry, physics and economics based on academic contributions over a lifetime, citation counts over a 30 year span, and the number of high impact papers.

Numerous Thomson nominees have gone on to win Nobels, somewhat like Golden Globe winners clinching Academy Awards.

Columbia’s Bhagwati, a free trade proponent who was an external adviser to the World Trade Organisation and served as a special policy adviser on globalisation to the U.N, has made the Thomson cut for several years.

But this year, he is particularly ‘hot,’ and an live online poll by Thomson Scientific over the weekend showed 33 per of respondents believe he, along with fellow economists Avinash Dixit and Paul Krugman, will jointly win the Economics Nobel this year “for their contributions to international trade theory.” 

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  1. Lets hope Jagadish Bhagwati gets it…this time.

    But when wil ALL THESE WONDERFUL Economists comment on India’s Poverty. Why don’t they come out in the open and say whats going wrong in their country of origin?

    After all – everyone wants to be on the right side of the powerful people. Else – what prevents them from saying: WHY Waste Rs 16000 Crore on Higher Education Reservation, SPend it on Primary Education.

  2. Dude WTF? We don’t have our people winning in other categories. You can count on your fingers the Indian winners in other categories. Shows how lazy we are lol.

  3. @Apun,

    Well I also hope Guru Jagdish will win this time, as he was nominated few times but every time he didnt got selected so let hope for the best this time.

    Good question you had asked when wil ALL THESE WONDERFUL Economists comment on India’s Poverty. Why don’t they come out in the open and say whats going wrong in their country of origin?

    All i want to say about your question is that Dilli Door Hai…Means I dont think they will ever say once Amartay sen said some thing if I rememeber correctly two years back, CPI M went on offensive and even that time BJP government critize the economist.

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