‘Chocolates as blissful as sex’

Chocolates Is better than Viagra!

It’s difficult to resist the hot temptation of chocolates. And this bittersweet passion is catching up with Bollywood stars as the latest aphrodisiac!

Chocolates literally make Khallas girl Ishaa Koppikar slobber. Be it strawberry or banana flavour, she can’t miss it for anything in the world. “Chocolates are so luscious. I am a choco girl so much so that I can afford to have chocolates all the time – Before going for sex, while having sex and after it. Eating chocolates are as blissful as enjoying sex. So why not club them together for unlimited pleasure.

I have them without bothering about health problem. I am ready to compromise anything for having hearty delights like chocolates,” quips Ishaa.

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  1. Muahahahah, now I know the secret to Ishaa’s bed… *checks wallet* *evil grin*

  2. Choco girl can have different interpretations for different people. One interpretation could be that the girl could herself be as sweet as a chocolate. That would be a double whammy. One would keep wondeing whether the chocolates are sexy or sex is choclaty- marginally different from the famous chicken and egg syndrome.

  3. Sorry, forgot to compliment the pictures. She does have chocolate girl looks. Talk about having the cake and eating it too-both chocolates.

  4. @Slim

    Lol:) hehe you mak eme laugh:) bless you

    yeah i know what you mean Hiren, but i would prefer to say sex is chocolaty:) Hey buddy thanks for compliment..bless you

  5. similarities btw Isha and chocolate …
    both are sweet…
    more delicious when you unwrapped…
    melts when you hold in hands…

  6. @shashi

    Well I wish I culd unwrapped, but again not every chocolates are as sweets as seen remember.

  7. Lol, it is what I love doing the most… making people laugh :))

    Oooh, I’d love to unwrap this piece of chocolate.

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