Kenyan couple jailed for having sex in mosque

Behave! Having sex at religious place is not acceptable. People who go out for having sex at open public places due to not having any privacy at home, or cant go to (Hotels, Motels, Friends home) please ‘take care’ because not only could people of the general public be watching you , but so could the law. Best this is to avoid this sort of temptation.

NAIVASHA, Kenya – A couple found having sex in a mosque during the holy Islamic month of Ramadan was sentenced to 18 months in prison by a Kenyan court on Monday.

The pair, Peter Kimani and Jennifer Wairimu, were discovered in flagrante delicto on October 3 by a worshipper who investigated the strange noises he heard emanating from a dark corner in Abubakar Mosque in Gilgil, 100 kilometers (63 miles) northwest of the capital Nairobi.

During Ramadan, one of the five pillars of Islam, Muslims are expressly forbidden to eat, drink, smoke or engage in sexual intercourse during the daylight hours for the length of the 30-day fast.

Kimani pleaded for mercy, saying that he was drunk and thought that he was in a hotel while his partner Wairimu admitted she had been too drunk to know what was going on.

But Naivasha senior magistrate John King’ori dismissed the pair’s plea for leniency, calling their behavior “abominable.”

“Having sex in a mosque is a most abominable thing to religion,” he said.

The Islamic faith strictly forbids Muslims from entering a mosque without thoroughly washing themselves after sexual relations.

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  1. It is blasphemous, who said god had sent us to reproduce , eat and die.

  2. @jay
    lol:) and thanks alot for visiting my blog.

  3. Kinky…

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