Somali Islamists declare ‘Jihad’ on Ethiopia

Anyone Listening? What the hell is happening in Africa? As I mentioned in my earlier post African Taliban? Does anyone care to tackle this problem or what? I can see this situtaion as a potential new home for Islamic fundamentalist in Africa.

MOGADISHU: Somalia’s powerful Islamists on Monday declared a ‘Jihad’ against Horn of Africa rival Ethiopia, which they accused of invading Somalia to help the government briefly seize a town controlled by pro-Islamist fighters.

Both sides confirmed the takeover of Buur Hakaba, the first military counter-strike by President Abdullahi Yusuf’s interim government since the Islamists took Mogadishu in June and went on to grab much of Somalia’s south.

“Starting from today, we have declared jihad against Ethiopia,” Islamist leader Sheikh Sharif Ahmed told a news conference, wearing combat fatigues and clutching an AK-47 assault rifle.

Ahmed, usually viewed as a more moderate voice among the Islamists, appeared angry as he addressed reporters. “Heavily armed Ethiopian troops have invaded Somalia. They have captured Buur Hakaba. History shows that Somalis always win when they are attacked from outside,” he said. Residents of Buur Hakaba, seen as a potential flashpoint because it had put the Islamists within 30 km of the government’s base in Baidoa, said Ethiopian troops accompanied government fighters who took the town early on Monday. A government militia commander in Buur Hakaba denied that, and Addis Ababa has consistently said it has not sent any soldiers except for military advisers.

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  1. The aggression and the peace message from Islam and its followers do not tally up. But then again I would say that applies to most religion.

  2. @Lizze

    Well its not tally up in case Islam becuase most of the preachers are busy in their political agenda instead of preaching religion. If you had seen any program on Islam TV you will understand that preachers sitting their are not agreed with each other comments, so this thing leaves people in confused state. And in case of other religion people are just not too bothered about it, mostly prefer Humanity before religion. If you are too close to religion it will harm you, and if you are too far it will also harm, thats my opnion.

  3. I’m not sure what the Somalis are supposed to do after the Ethiopian military incursions into their territory

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