In India, ban on child labor to be tightened

Good News, but this peace of law in my opinion is not going to very effective, unless government and social agencies try to find the real cause (illiteracy, our population and of course poverty)of child labour, how we can secure child rights for every children’s and how we all can eliminate the cause of child labour. I just hope and pray that this law will work out, so that beautiful India can get rid of this child labour curse. Child labour is a curse for society and every citizen should help the government abolish this curse form society for ever.

NEW DELHI A tighter ban on child labor in India was to come into force Tuesday prohibiting employers from hiring children to work in their homes as maids, or in restaurants and hotels as low-paid waiters.

There was some confusion about how the amendment to current legislation would be enforced, with critics pointing out that the existing legislation is already poorly adhered to. Official figures suggest that there are at least 12 million children working in India, although activists say the real figure is closer to 60 million.

The government announced the amendment to the Child Labor Prohibition and Regulation Act – which bans the employment of children under 14 in “hazardous” jobs – earlier this year, extending the definition of what constitutes hazardous to include domestic workers and workers in hotels, restaurants and roadside cafés. Anyone found breaking the law faces a maximum punishment one year’s imprisonment and a 20,000 rupee, or $425, fine.

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  1. This is a good and desirable move but is easier said than done. They should also focus to get children into schools.

  2. @Hiren

    Thats my question will this law, banning child labour will send these kids to school?

  3. “Thats my question will this law, banning child labour will send these kids to school?”

    Good Question… obviously the answer is NO.

    This law is a piece of crap for several reasons:
    – Kids who work – don’t do it because they like it – because it is a survival mechanism for families.
    – Employer’s who want to employ them, will continue to do so anyway.
    – This law does NOT cover kids working in agricultural lands/fields. WHY? Ask the intelligent lawmakers… nobody knows why.. would it affect their vote banks in rural areas?

    The real solution actually lies in providing employment (and not slogans and gimmicks) to adults, and primary education (if necessary it should be free) to kids. But, since govt. fails in this – it resorts to Irrelevance.

  4. Problems:
    1. What do kids do who are the primary or major breadwinners for their families or only by themselves ? It is not good that they are working and out of school, but lack of a social security net will not get them out of work and in school. Otherwise, we will just end up with another inspector raj where people will bribe govt people to hide kids working
    2. Such legislation need to have both a prescription and provision, that is, if they are recommeding something, they need to back it up with money.
    It would be good for the media to evaluate the results of this legislation in another 3-6 months to see whether it has made a difference. If not, then maybe there can be a meaningful discussion on what can be done to make this a good social legislation.

  5. @Ashish

    Thats correct mate, its just about politics not about child benifit. We need law to provide these child labours secuirty, issurance and bread. By just asking stop child labour is not going to work and we will see in future that this law only implimented on papers not in reality.

  6. @Apunkadesh

    Well thats what every one talking now a days. What government got in terms providing support these kid who are only bread winners in their family? Only time will how effective this law I do have doubt.

  7. It is impossible to enforce, what with our bribe taking police? I’m sceptic about it.

  8. @Slim

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