PM Singh rejects India, NKorea nuclear comparisons

You can not equate North Korea Nuke test with one India carried out in 1998. India carried out the test to deter the external threat she was facing that time and even now India are facing external threat. North Korea carried out her first Nuke test not to deter external threats but to use as insurance against US attempt to carry out any regime change plan. When Bill Clinton was the President North Korea did agreed to give up her plan for nuclear program if US lift all sanctions, engaged in direct talk with North Korea and provide security. Now North Korea has joined the club of nuclear tech, US must engaged North Korea in direct talks, give them assurance about stability in region, else no one can guarantee that North Korea nuclear program wont fall into the hands of terrorist organization. North Korea program is based on Pakistan nuclear tech model, so main culprit is Pakistan. North Korea only aim at the moment is to black mail US and its allies to give insurance of North Korea stability provide economic assistance and support Kim Jong-Il’s dictatorial regime. This sort of strategy did worked out in past and in recent time we can see it is working out in the case of Pakistan. So now its peak time for us is to try and engage North Korea in talks and make the region safer and stop the race of acquiring Nuke programs.


LONDON (AFP) – Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has condemned

North Korea’s nuclear test and rejected any comparison between the blast and India’s decision to go nuclear in 1998. The Indian leader made the comments Tuesday after talks in London with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who stressed the need to re-start the six-party talks on North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, despite Monday’s test by the Stalinist state.

“A further erosion of the non-profileration regime is not in our interest. We do not support the emergence of another nuclear weapons state,” said Singh in a joint news conference.

He said that Pyongyang’s nuclear test could not be compared to India’s decision to go nuclear, when it undertook a series of tit-for-tat tests with long-term foe Pakistan.


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  1. There aren’t too many people making the comparison between India and North Korea – if anybody did make such a comment and it was required to actually comment on such a comment, it would be better to laugh it off by talking about a comparison between a dictatorship that is a major proliferator and a state that is a beacon of democracy for large parts of Asia and Africa.
    If indeed comments need to be made, can talk about how Pakistan helped North Korea.

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