Now Ghandhigiri in Colleges!

Lage Raho Munna Bhai popularised Gandhism under the new term called Gandhigiri. This movie has left so much effect on our society that now a days most of the youths talking about Ghandhism. Many have started to follow the path of Ghandhism and I hope many more will start sooner or later. The only doubt I have that many people in our society try to forget many thing in such a pace that nothing could survive for long. Our core value on which we fought our independence and become independent nation is Gandhism values. But before the releasing of this movie Gandhi exists only on the walls of Political Offices and Currency notes. The politicians who propagate this ideology themselves do not follow the principles! Also, it is the fault of our generation who wants to go a long way in a short time. I hope this time people wont forget so soon the core values on which India stand today and I also hope that many more college will start similar type of courses so that our new generation will understand what Ghandgism is all about and why it so much important in today’s hatred world.

Now, a little bit of Gandhi in colleges




Gandhi — both the man and the idea — is seeping into city campuses. At least four colleges have set up centres for Gandhian studies, aimed at teaching the Mahatma’s principles and their applicability in day-to-day life.

The colleges — KJ Somaiya College, Birla College, CHM College and Shailendra Education Society’s College of Arts, Commerce and Science — have also decided to jointly conduct outreach programmes on Gandhian studies.

Vaidehi Daptardar, principal of KJ Somaiya College, said new-age jargon like crisis management and anger management, but with a Gandhian twist, would be in the course’s “priority list”.

Funded by the University Grants Commission, the centres will provide a three-month certificate course and organise seminars, besides conducting research on Gandhian literature.

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  1. It remains to be seen for how long it will last. as for Gandhigiri, it failed with Pakistand and is doomed to fail in qutie a few situations.

  2. @Hiren

    You right bro…let see

  3. People have a short memory… People follow idealisms passed on by movies to seem trendy more than anything else. I wouldn’t be surprised if this fails in less than a month.

  4. @slim

    month is long time:)

  5. Hah, more like a week then.

  6. Rather pessimistic view by everyone…
    The commentators on this post might find this interesting to read: Gandhigiri: In today’s day and age

  7. Right. The fact that people are at least trying it is encouraging in itself. Let’s be optimistic.

  8. leader ship does not emerge is the subject of being true.when we think of leaders we get ghandi and nehru in our mind but remember if you want to be a leader you dont need to follow same life like them its enough when you you lead your self and others.of cource ghandi and nehru did the same.when ever citizen does that, ghandi soul is left ever happy because for the country he worked , he acheved the leader ship in that country.

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