Having trouble with homework? Call India

Got problem with maths equation? or Having trouble with English grammar? Call India. If you cant afford private tutor for your kid in USA, then better you enrol your kids with TutorVista.

WASHINGTON – American students having trouble with pesky math equations or intricate English grammar are increasingly turning to tutors all the way in India for help with their homework.

The tutors are part of a growing army of teachers being recruited across the Asian giant to dispense their knowledge online to US kids.

At TutorVista, a Bangalore-based company that launched US services last November, customers pay 100 dollars a month for unlimited hours of e-tutoring on a variety of subjects, ranging from physics to history.

The price represents a fraction of the 40 to 100 dollars an hour parents typically have to pay for face-to-face tutoring sessions or the average 40 dollars charged by US-based online tutors.

“We see TutorVista as a business to make education affordable to the masses,” Krishnan Ganesh, the company’s founder and chairman, told AFP in a telephone interview. “It’s a big anomaly that the United States produces the maximum number of Nobel laureates (…) and yet the education system is in crisis at the school level.”

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  1. We’re cheap. Only $ 100 a month, and unlimited teaching. That sucks.

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