Maldives fast acquiring a radical Islamic colour: Report

Is south Asia is going to be hub for Islamic Extremist? Pakistan, Afghanistan and now Maldives.

Till a few years back, Maldives, a declared Islamic state in 1997, had a very liberal way of life when women wore bright-colour body-fitting dresses and hair bands to keep their hair in place.

But, that way of life is fast changing, with fundamentalist preachers persuading locals to take to radical Islam, asking women to stay indoors and cover their bodies from head to toe.

The radical Islamic preachers spread hatred against Christianity, banning the citizens from listening to any radio stations having a missionary message.

The government also believes that the real threat to stability in the Maldives comes from Christianity and not due to a lack of democracy

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  1. RIP … their tourism just died

  2. This is scary. Maldives was always supposed to be a place where the true religion was caring for the tourist and earning money out of tourism; something that has given Maldives an excellent reputation

  3. I can’t seem to understand muslims. What fun is it if a chick covers herself from head to toe? Muslims have a weird sense of looking sexy.

  4. @Lizze

    YOu right its gonan die soon. If government doesnt do any thing.

    I been to Maldives twice love the people and beachs. But by hearing this news even I am shocked. Hope Maldives government will act with in time, else another Afghanistan or Iraq is on his way.

    Becuase they cant control them by looking women body:)

  5. In that case, the muslim men should stick their wiener to their thighs with sticky tape.


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