Vietnam death row prisoner found pregnant, gets life instead

This is nice way and easy way to escape death penalty. I feel sorry for Afzal Guru main culprit of Indian Parliament attack. As he cant get pregnant to escape death penalty. Only hope left for him is to pray that President of India show some mercy on him.

HANOI – A woman sentenced to death in Vietnam for smuggling heroin and supposedly detained in isolation has become pregnant and had her sentence commuted to life imprisonment, her lawyer said on Thursday.

Nguyen Thi Oanh was sentenced to face a firing squad on 28 April this year but on 15 September she was found to be 11 weeks pregnant – suggesting that she conceived the baby in late June.


Her lawyer, Nguyen Hong Bach from the firm Pham Hong Hai and Associates, said that now both Mrs Oanh and her unborn baby will be allowed to live.


“It means that she will avoid the death sentence and will face a life sentence instead,” he said.


Under Article 35 of the Vietnamese Penal Code, the death sentence cannot be applied to pregnant women or women with children under the age of three at the time of crime or the trial.

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  1. She got lucky.

    About Afzal, I heard they started some “Save Afzal signature campaign”. What madness. Sheesh. 8-|

  2. @Slim

    Mad World.

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