Al-Qaeda’s chilling threat to UK

Here we go again!! These people don’t have any other work? except spreading hatred?

THE al-Qaeda terrorist who was this week charged with treason by the US has issued a chilling video threat to Britain.Adam Gadahn, also known as ‘Azzam the American’ vowed in a video message that raids by British terror cops would do nothing to “prevent the Muslims from exacting revenge on behalf of their persecuted brothers and sisters”.

Gadahn is so feared in the US, the FBI has placed him on its Most Wanted Terrorists List and offered a $1million reward for information leading to his arrest.

FBI agents warn that Gadahn should be considered armed and dangerous.

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I am game for Bollywood, says Miss Australia

Become beauty queen and Bollywood at your feet. She also wants to support Ganges cleaning scheme! Ram Teri Ganga Meili Hoagayi!

Proud of her Indian roots, Miss Australia Sabrina Houssami says she is not averse to acting in Bollywood films and has already received a few offers. The 20-year-old beauty, the second runner-up at the Miss World 2006 contest here, said she has not made up her mind on what to accept. She said she plans to concentrate on TV journalism for the time being. Sabrina’s mother is Indian and father, a Lebanese.

“I am very proud of my Indian roots. India is always very close to my heart. I have been to India 12 times so far and every time I go to India I feel as if I have come on a pilgrimage,” Sabrina Houssami said, as reported by wire services.

“I am also thinking of doing some work for bettering the environment and would like to support the Ganges Cleaning scheme. A clean environment is a must for a serene place like Rishikesh,” she said.

! Ram Teri Ganga Meili Hoagayi!

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This year Nobel Peace Price Goes To: Muhammad Yunus

This year Nobel Peace Price Goes To: Md.Yunus


A man often known as World Banker to the poor won this year Nobel Peace Prize. By choosing him and his bank (Grameen Bank) Nobel committee showed that economic independence is a pre-condition for any world peace.




Read About Md.Yunus: Profile

Grameen Bank Website:

Many Congrats.

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