I am game for Bollywood, says Miss Australia

Become beauty queen and Bollywood at your feet. She also wants to support Ganges cleaning scheme! Ram Teri Ganga Meili Hoagayi!

Proud of her Indian roots, Miss Australia Sabrina Houssami says she is not averse to acting in Bollywood films and has already received a few offers. The 20-year-old beauty, the second runner-up at the Miss World 2006 contest here, said she has not made up her mind on what to accept. She said she plans to concentrate on TV journalism for the time being. Sabrina’s mother is Indian and father, a Lebanese.

“I am very proud of my Indian roots. India is always very close to my heart. I have been to India 12 times so far and every time I go to India I feel as if I have come on a pilgrimage,” Sabrina Houssami said, as reported by wire services.

“I am also thinking of doing some work for bettering the environment and would like to support the Ganges Cleaning scheme. A clean environment is a must for a serene place like Rishikesh,” she said.

! Ram Teri Ganga Meili Hoagayi!

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  1. “I want to protect the environment”, “I want to help the poor”. They’re all like that at first. A few years later, they’ll turn out to be husband stealers like Sushmitha and get involved in controversies like Aishwarya Rai.

    But I gotta admit, she has a nice bod and a pretty face.

  2. @slim
    he he. So true

  3. What should I say- We are game for you, sweetheart. I don’t understand why beauties have to say things like helping the poor. Why can’t they focus on their core competence and simply say they want to open beauty parlours and help groom aspiring beauties. It sounds so artificial at timees thoug it may be real in some cases.

  4. shes HOT


  5. sabrina is super beautiful,and she is not one of those fake types. iv’e heard her talk on Aussie tv. She is very clever and elegant. sabrina is no quack. She’s very classy. This pretty girl is my miss world favourite. Natasha Suri is not that stunning, by the way. what do you guys reckon?

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