Bole toh, these Munnabhais grab IT, BPO jobs

This is the problem I had highlighted in my previous article (Indian Call Centre:Boom or Doom:Concern Over Showing Cracks) about Indian BPO industry. We need proper recruitment procedure. All the BPO guys especially people who is going to deal with financial business should go through proper security clearance. We need strict laws for any cyber crime.

Any one can argue with me saying, well in fact one of my friend who is operation head in one MNC call centre in India has come up with this point,

“No matter what the prospective punishment there will always be people who will trade information for money.”

So for them I want clear that, it’s correct that No matter what the prospective punishment there will always be people who will trade information for money. But I am sure it will reduce the crime rate. If there will be strict laws and rules, people will follow it, people who don’t follow they will be at risk of getting strict punishment, so at least some people won’t do this sort of things, when they think about punishment.

If we really want to safe this industry we at least need these three things;

  • We need strict regulation for BPO employees.
  • We need standard employment procedure for all BPO employees.
  • We need strict rules for any cyber crimes.

BANGALORE: They are the Munnabhais of the IT and BPO businesses. A qualified guy walks in for the job interview, but when the offer’s made, it’s an illqualified bloke who takes up the job. All too frequently, they get away with the con act.

Impersonation is an issue that just about every company faces today. And experts say it’s become possible on account of the massive scales of recruitment that makes close scrutiny a difficult task.

Some companies conduct 150 interviews a day.

Anjan Dutta, CEO of recruitment company Career Graph, says that in telephonic interviews, impersonation is in the range of 5% to 7%, while in face-to-face interviews it’s about 1-2% of the total number of candidates interviewed.

“Wipro sacked about 50 people last year for such impersonation and other kinds of faking, IBM sacked 6 and Accenture 5. Typically, only 50% of impersonators are eventually identified and sacked, the others continue in the job,” he says.

BS Murthy, CEO of recruitment firm Human-Capital, says such incidents were rampant between 1998 and 2000 when US companies used to hire Indian engineers through telephonic interviews.

“That trend is now resurfacing, predominantly in contract and temporary hiring wherein rules are often relaxed,” he says.

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  1. Perhaps BPO Industry is maligned far more than they deserve, because Youngsters work there, odd hours..etc.

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