Teacher axed over her veil

Good to see Muslim Council of Britain said that Miss Azmi was wrong to insist on covering her face.

A YORKSHIRE teacher has been suspended after refusing to remove her veil while teaching.

Aishah Azmi, 24, was asked to take off her veil after youngsters said they found it hard to understand English lessons because they could not see her lips.

The school, Headfield C of E Junior at Dewsbury, has 529 pupils aged seven to 11 and many are from ethnic backgrounds where English is not a first language.

Miss Azmi was told she was allowed to wear her veil along corridors and in the staff room but would have to remove it for teaching.

She was suspended after saying the veil was part of her cultural identity.

Kirklees Council education spokesman Jim Dodds said: “This is nothing to do with religion.

“We accepted the veil could be worn anywhere else in school but not in the classroom.”

The Muslim Council of Britain said Miss Azmi was wrong to insist on covering her face.

Dr Reefat Drabu said Muslim women were not required to wear even a headscarf in the presence of children.

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  1. Expect a few British teachers to be executed by extremist muslims.

  2. @Slim

  3. Yes, I agree, she need not cover her face in the classroom. Since the students were of age 7 to 11 she is completely wrong.

    She had to cover her face on in case male students in the class are above 14. Since that is the age by with males acquire puberty.

  4. Nazim, what is the relation between a male attaining puberty and a woman covering herself with a veil?

  5. @slim
    there is a lot of relation.
    it is not just about covering with veil.

    Can you tell me what is the reasons of 50% girls loosing virginity even before they leave school.

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