The Ultimate Punjabi experience

The Ultimate Punjabi experience in Air! Fly with Air Slovakia! For all your desi needs! the best of both worlds!

Fly Air Slovakia for Punjabi experience

An Indian-born businessman has purchased a private central European airline for an undisclosed amount.

Harjinder Singh Sidhu, who lives in the UK and is a British passport holder, bought Air Slovakia, a small privately owned airline based in the capital, Bratislava last week, it has emerged.

His son, Riqbal ‘Rocky’ Singh, told the BBC News website that his father wants to transform the 60-employee Air Slovakia into a “Punjabi experience”.

That means using crew, food and in-flight entertainment from the northern Indian state of Punjab and using regional headquarters based in the Punjabi city of Jalandhar.




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  1. I second that. Punjabis have the finest personalities in India. They are all “Ek se bad kar Ek” which is probably the reason they dominate Bollywood. Whenever airlines are discussed, can air hostesses be far behind? If it is a Punjabi experience, we should be exposed to some finest in the business in addition to the delicious punjabi food. In short a good measure of Sharrab, Shabaab and kebaab- like in Punjabi weddings.

  2. @Hiren

    Wah Wah Sharrab, Shabaab and kebaab- You Got It, Punjabi Babes are hot:)

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