US promoting terrorism in Iraq: Khamenei

Even if I take your word that USA is promoting terrorism then you are producing terrorist to kill innocents right Mr.Khamenei? make Sense? Don’t talk rubbish! Who is promoting Hamas and training them?

Iran’s supreme leader has accused the US of promoting terrorism and religious division in Iraq and called Jordan’s king one of Washington’s “dependent” rulers.

“The reality there (in Iraq) is occupiers who intervene in all Iraqi internal affairs. Worse and more dangerous is that, based on plenty of evidence, they (Americans) promote terrorism in Iraq in the name of Shiite and Sunni Islam,” said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Khamenei did not elaborate or provide details about how Washington has promoted terrorism.

The United States accuses the predominantly Shiite Islamic republic of interfering in Iraq and sending money and infiltrators across its porous 1,600 km border to support the insurgency there.

Tehran has denied the charges and says it has no interest in sparking instability in Iraq.

“They (the US) follow the policy of pitting the Iraqi people against the Iraqi people. They want to sow pessimism among Shiite and Sunni Muslims. Our Iraqi brothers are in dire need of unity,” Khamenei added.

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  1. Hah, Iran supports Hamas, and supports quite a large number of the militias in Iraq that are relentlessly engaging in a sectrian war.
    And of course, Iran is a joke of a democracy, the Supreme Leader is a religious theocrat who is the head of the country with the democractic setup subordinate to him. In addition, the process of setting up the democractic setup is controlled by the Guardian’s council that vetoes candidates who are not seen to be following their desired ideology.

  2. I meant, Iran supports Hezbollah

  3. This dude is just mouthing the words of the far left over here. He’s doing it to demoralize the American people so they will insist the U.S. pulls out of Iraq so they can have it for themselves. If Iraq does become a true democracy, that is Iran’s worst nightmare. One I wouldn’t mind seeing come true.

    As to the logic of statements like this – give me a break. Fighting back against oppression does not create more oppression – it just pisses off the oppressors. They have to throw this rhetoric around to prove they aren’t scared shitless that they’ve lost the control they once had. Cowards are like that. If they can’t scare you into submission they turn around and blame you for their own bad behavior/acts. What a gasbag.

  4. @Ashish

    you got right mate:) You said ever word I wanted to say…thanks:)


    “As to the logic of statements like this – give me a break. Fighting back against oppression does not create more oppression” 200% right.

  5. We should take a page from the US book and invade Pakistan.

  6. Writerchick you are so wrong.
    You say “demoralize the American people” this writer wrote this to demoralize the American people? You are so far right you have brain damage. Its just like the Right to use words and phrases to scare, ignite, ashame, or align with terror, to attack the truth.

    Its so sad that people can’t admit when a mistake has been made,
    and correct the problems. The death toll on innocent civillians rises each week so that is the issue now isn’t it.

  7. @Politics

    Its sad to see the such a big figure and I really feel sorry fo r these innocens who has lost their life, but main question are all these innocents killed by US or UK army? or so by jihadis or terrorist by sucide bombings?


    Ah we wont do it, take my word.

  8. I know we wont. Prime Minister doesn’t have the balls. And about innocents dying in Iraq, wouldn’t it be possible the Iraqi terrorists killed them and are blaming the US troops so they’d be withdrawn at some point of time?

  9. @Slim

    Na they (terrorist) wont stop killings innocents, if they stop who will listen to them.

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