The truth about men!

We need to build awareness among the people on the nature of the disease and the ways of its transmission. We should educate our people about HIV/STD deases. India has now overtaken South Africa as the country with the largest number of cases. Let’s us all join hands together for a better tomorrow…..Let us all fight against the AIDS together that some of our citizens are facing and Help to make a better today, as today will soon turn into tomorrow…..and tomorrow should be a healthy and safe future for our kids in their life……Love them, Respect them, Guide them and teach them in gentle polite manner and hold their hands towards a bright tomorrow……….. Let us all join hands together and put a STOP to AIDS.

Ignorance about safe sex have made most Indian heterosexual male, who visit sex workers, seek anal sex believing they would not catch HIV/AIDS.

This kind of behaviour among Indian male came out in a nationwide survey conducted by Naz Foundation Internationalis, an Indian NGO based in Britain which specialises in sexual and reproductive health of homosexuals and their partners in South Asia.

“The survey was conducted in 56 cities. We surveyed sex workers, who told us that their client demand anal sex. Most men think that it is a safe way of not contracting HIV/AIDS. But they don’t know that it is ten times more dangerous and risky,” Arif Jafar, the foundation Executive Director, said.

“In most cases, they don’t want to use condom or in situation where they don’t have one, they feel this is the best way not to catch an infection. But this unprotected sex is dangerous for both of them,” said Jafar.

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Pope confirms Turkey trip

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going!

You have often heard this inspiring saying. But what truly helps us get through the tough part is our determination.

The Vatican has confirmed that Pope Benedict XVI will visit Turkey next month, allaying fears the trip may have been cancelled after his recent remarks about Islam provoked protests around the world.

The Vatican press office said on Sunday that the visit, the pope’s first to a Muslim country since taking office in April last year, would take place from November 28 to December 1.

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican secretary of state, said in a religious television programme that “the desire of the pope, the holy see and the Catholic church is to continue dialogue”, the Ansa news agency reported.

Catholics and Muslims can and should share values “which are essential for the fate and future of humanity”, he said, adding that this was what should be read into the pope’s address last month.

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Engineering services: Big outsourcing opportunity

Indian offshoring industry is looking to tap the $750 billion-a-year global engineering services industry.

Taking the BPO-KPO wheel forward, the offshoring industry is looking to tap the $750 billion-a-year global engineering services industry.

India enjoys a relatively strong position in the automotive and high-tech telecom engineering services market with a $25 billion opportunity by 2020, according to a latest industry report. Aerospace offers the greatest potential for expansion – though it is also one of the toughest opportunities to tap because of its close association with the defence sector.

“The total offshore engineering spend is expected to grow to $150-$225 billion by the year 2020, and India with its talent pool and existing experience in engineering services, is well suited to realise 25 per cent of this opportunity,” Kiran Karnik, president, Nasscom.

“Companies in India have developed capabilities and skill sets, and invested in technology platforms to leverage this opportunity. The growth in engineering services signifies the need for global corporations to expand their R&D pool beyond their home countries,” said Karnik in the report.

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Brett Lee offered Bollywood lead

AUSTRALIA’S express pace bowler Brett Lee can’t get enough of India, with Bollywood acting offers, burgeoning business interests and music projects in the pipeline, reports said Monday.

Lee, in India for the Champions Trophy one-day tournament, is immensely popular and his fondness for the teeming cricket-infatuated nation has blossomed into a full-blown love affair.

The 29-year-old self-confessed Indophile says he was offered a lead role in a lavish Bollywood production when he visited Mumbai on his way home from Australia’s tour of Bangladesh last April. “He asked me if I wanted to play the major role with him,” Lee told The Australian newspaper in Mumbai.

Star Aussie paceman Brett Lee has Bollywood acting offers, burgeoning business interests and music projects in the pipeline in India.(AFP/File/Indranil Mukherjee)


“I said ‘mate, I’ve had no acting experience in my life’ and he told me that was OK, that they could sort that out.

“The only reasons I didn’t do it was, first, I would have needed to make sure it was the right sort of role for me.

“And second, they needed 50-odd days to film and I just didn’t have that time.

“But it’s something that, down the track, I would definitely like to be involved in.”

Business interests – he promotes watches and footwear – have lured Lee to Mumbai and New Delhi at least annually in recent years.


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Rawalpindi Express Derailed :Pakistan pair fail doping tests

Rawalpindi Express Derailed

Two Pakistani cricket players have tested positive for a banned substance prior to the their first match against Srilanka on 17th in ICC Champions trophy.

Pakistan have withdrawn fast bowlers Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif from the Champions Trophy in India after testing positive for nandrolone.

The tests were carried out by the Pakistan Cricket Board three weeks ago and showed positive results for the performance-enhancing steroid.

They are Pakistan’s best new-ball bowlers but face bans of up to two years if the second test is confirmed.

Pakistan are due to begin their campaign against Sri Lanka on Tuesday.

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