Brett Lee offered Bollywood lead

AUSTRALIA’S express pace bowler Brett Lee can’t get enough of India, with Bollywood acting offers, burgeoning business interests and music projects in the pipeline, reports said Monday.

Lee, in India for the Champions Trophy one-day tournament, is immensely popular and his fondness for the teeming cricket-infatuated nation has blossomed into a full-blown love affair.

The 29-year-old self-confessed Indophile says he was offered a lead role in a lavish Bollywood production when he visited Mumbai on his way home from Australia’s tour of Bangladesh last April. “He asked me if I wanted to play the major role with him,” Lee told The Australian newspaper in Mumbai.

Star Aussie paceman Brett Lee has Bollywood acting offers, burgeoning business interests and music projects in the pipeline in India.(AFP/File/Indranil Mukherjee)


“I said ‘mate, I’ve had no acting experience in my life’ and he told me that was OK, that they could sort that out.

“The only reasons I didn’t do it was, first, I would have needed to make sure it was the right sort of role for me.

“And second, they needed 50-odd days to film and I just didn’t have that time.

“But it’s something that, down the track, I would definitely like to be involved in.”

Business interests – he promotes watches and footwear – have lured Lee to Mumbai and New Delhi at least annually in recent years.


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  1. The real reason must have been that brett lee is too cool for bollywood !

  2. @cyberkitty

    Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your views. Yeah thats correct he is too cool.

  3. … This is too much. Brett Lee in movies. Eww.

  4. @Slim

    yeah new face of Bruce Lee lol:)

  5. Lee is quite a charmer. This reminds me of his interview in Simi Garewal’s “Roundevouz”

  6. i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu. u are the most smart person i have ever seen . I LOVE YOU

  7. Lovelee!!!He will be great in movies!

  8. Brett Lee will give an unseen different angle to Bollywood movies, may be altogether a new dimension. Look what an album has done. Now think about a full feature film. I can buy the theatre tickets right now.

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