Rawalpindi Express Derailed :Pakistan pair fail doping tests

Rawalpindi Express Derailed

Two Pakistani cricket players have tested positive for a banned substance prior to the their first match against Srilanka on 17th in ICC Champions trophy.

Pakistan have withdrawn fast bowlers Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif from the Champions Trophy in India after testing positive for nandrolone.

The tests were carried out by the Pakistan Cricket Board three weeks ago and showed positive results for the performance-enhancing steroid.

They are Pakistan’s best new-ball bowlers but face bans of up to two years if the second test is confirmed.

Pakistan are due to begin their campaign against Sri Lanka on Tuesday.

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  1. They flattered to decieve, didn’t they? After the terpering ball controversy, Inzamam had said that the accusation of cheating was a “matter of pride” for his country. Well, what should one say about this- old wine in new bottles?

  2. I’m not surprised. Pakistan has always been known for unfair play. But with all the controversies, they just managed to beat Sri Lanka. They need to check Afridi and Razzaq for dope.

  3. The ‘drugs’ they were taking are not performance enhancing drugs – they are typical drugs that the doctor prescribes you when you’re recovering from an injury. It seems like there was some poor communication within the Pakistani ranks, and the doctors weren’t informed not to give these guys this drug.

    This isn’t ‘dope’. This is a standard medicine.

    Aside from that, it’s pretty poor form that the Pakistani cricket board didn’t do a follow up test before announcing this to the press.

  4. Huh? The ICC sends out a booklet on what is okay and what is banned every year.

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