The truth about men!

We need to build awareness among the people on the nature of the disease and the ways of its transmission. We should educate our people about HIV/STD deases. India has now overtaken South Africa as the country with the largest number of cases. Let’s us all join hands together for a better tomorrow…..Let us all fight against the AIDS together that some of our citizens are facing and Help to make a better today, as today will soon turn into tomorrow…..and tomorrow should be a healthy and safe future for our kids in their life……Love them, Respect them, Guide them and teach them in gentle polite manner and hold their hands towards a bright tomorrow……….. Let us all join hands together and put a STOP to AIDS.

Ignorance about safe sex have made most Indian heterosexual male, who visit sex workers, seek anal sex believing they would not catch HIV/AIDS.

This kind of behaviour among Indian male came out in a nationwide survey conducted by Naz Foundation Internationalis, an Indian NGO based in Britain which specialises in sexual and reproductive health of homosexuals and their partners in South Asia.

“The survey was conducted in 56 cities. We surveyed sex workers, who told us that their client demand anal sex. Most men think that it is a safe way of not contracting HIV/AIDS. But they don’t know that it is ten times more dangerous and risky,” Arif Jafar, the foundation Executive Director, said.

“In most cases, they don’t want to use condom or in situation where they don’t have one, they feel this is the best way not to catch an infection. But this unprotected sex is dangerous for both of them,” said Jafar.

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  1. Eka,
    This is a hot button issue for me as my brother died of AIDS. The thing that boils my blood is that billions and billions of dollars have been poured into ‘foundations’ for research and yet they still have no cure. Where is that money going? I suspect much of it goes to ‘administrative’ costs such as providing drivers for the administrators, trips and various other perks. Also, the United States has given more money for AIDS to foreign countries and unfortunately ends up lining the pockets of the corrupt rather than helping those it is intended to help. The corruption and exploitation of this drives me up a wall.

    Unprotected sex (of any kind) with a sex worker (is that a prostitute?) is just plain crazy. Even if they aren’t AIDS aware, there are many other sexually transmitted diseases that they can get and have been around since the beginning of mankind.

    Is it just pride or something? Why would anyone have unprotected sex? Suicidal if you ask me.

  2. Sympahties for your loss.
    A lot of the reason for having unprotected sex is just plain ignorance. In the East, there is far more prudishness about talking about such issues in the open, so even though there are awareness campaigns on different media, it does not seem to percolate through.
    Another reason that has been found to resonate in a large number of countries that males in high risk situations tend to have a large degree of ego and using protection such as condoms somehow does not appeal to them. Suicidal (espcially since this is painful and terminal) is the correct word.
    The biggest problem is these guys will then go back to their wives and spread the virus to them as well.

  3. @writechick @ashish
    Yeah correct word is Sucide. I hope government will do more to educate young people especially people living in villages. One problem I do see that some people dont use condom becuase of religious purpose.

  4. I must have missed this post. Strange coincidence that my latest post is on sex education . So from ek awaaz we are now so awaaz. I totally endorse your views.

  5. It’s not just the government. What are the parents and schools doing in the sec education front? The school teachers irresponsibly say “we feel uncomfortable while talking about such things”. I believe I commented in Hiren’s post on the subject… I found his blog on Technorati searching something, and I just realized it was this Hiren!

  6. @Hiren

    Well thats good you had writen about sex, I guess we need more people to write about sex education in India. Can we make some sort of group? I will read your post in a minute…

    I still dont understand if teacher cant talk, parents feel shy to talk about sex then who will talk? Talking about sex openly is still consider Taboo.. Shame! We need action and soon.

  7. What action did you mean? Hahah!

  8. @Slim

    Some government policies need to changed, make compulsery sex education in schools.

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