Out of India, a ‘third wave of globalization’ emerges

After Mittal now its TATA turn. India’s largest private sector group with 22 billion dollars in annual sales is eyeing a far bigger prize.


MUMBAI, India Across much of the world, India is still known as a land of elephants and maharajahs. But one day, it might be known for Tata.

You may never have heard of the Tata Group. But there is a fair chance you have sipped a Tata drink, put on Tata shoes or slept in a Tata hotel in New York, London or Sydney. Your company’s software may be made by Tata. The ball bearings in your power drill may be from Tata. When you last checked e-mail, telephoned Beijing or used Skype, Tata’s 60,000 kilometers, or 37,000 miles, of deep-sea cables may have connected you

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  1. In the context of Glonbalization, I keep wondering why Aditya Birla is never mentioned. That guy built 70 factories in his lifetime and was called a factory building factory. Most of them were abroad. Isn’t creating assets abroad the most difficult part and is akin to building an Indian multinational?

  2. Tata never failed to impress me. I like their straightforward dealings, unlike Reliance.

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