Skills Gap Hurts Technology Boom in India

We produced 3 million graduates every year, still our industry facing shortage of skilled graduates. If government is listening then she should start thinking now. Provide proper infrastructure for studies for poor graduates; give them skills needed for our growing economy. Quota system won’t solve the problem; government should start working on building infrastructure. Companies who are making big bucks should be allowed to build more infrastructures. This shortage will hit industries hard; outsourcing business will be much more effected. If companies can’t find skilled worker they won’t be able to deliver quality products, cost of labour will increase as market can’t find proper skilled graduates. This entire factor will lead to total downfall of our economy. Listen now, Act now or be ready for sorry state. !!

TIRUCHENGODE, India — As its technology companies soar to the outsourcing skies, India is bumping up against an improbable challenge. In a country once regarded as a bottomless well of low-cost, ready-to-work, English-speaking engineers, a shortage looms.


India still produces plenty of engineers, nearly 400,000 a year at last count. But their competence has become the issue.

A study commissioned by a trade group, the National Association of Software and Service Companies, or Nasscom, found only one in four engineering graduates to be employable. The rest were deficient in the required technical skills, fluency in English or ability to work in a team or deliver basic oral presentations.

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  1. I just replied to a similar post. Real Education umpiies drawing out the innate talent within students and not stuffing in of facts. This is rarely done in the educational insitutions. Besides there is a saying “In work, we have the possibility of discovering ourselves”. Real working identity is found out only on working.

    This is another article on lack of skill sets among graduates:-

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