Madhuri Dixit to stage comeback with Yashraj film

I still remember the time, when this gorgeous woman with cute smile and natural beauty was a heartthrob of many millions of men. Then she got married move to USA to settle down with husband. Now she planning to come back, I am sure Ms.Madhuri many millions will keep their finger cross to see you back on Big Screen. Good Luck!



Bollywood’s former number one actress Madhuri Dixit will stage a comeback with a Yashraj film after a gap of nearly five years.

A spokesperson for Yashraj Prouductions confirmed the report and said the actress, who had settled down in the Denver, United States after she got married to Dr Sriram Nene in 1999, will make her comeback in a film to be produced by Yashraj Production.


The film will be directed by cinematographer Anil Mehta, who has directed photography of movies like Lagaan, Veer Zara and recently released

 Remember Choli ke Piche Kya:)


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  1. Madhuri is goddess not queen she is the most expressive woman in the history of india- she is not like these new slim gorgeous young girls that know how to dance and thrust and smile she melts into her chaacters like magic. Amitabh And sharukh Khan are one in a millions but she she is one in in a million life times sort of a girl- what a woman – My whole family mention madhuri and she just brings a smile to our faces what a Super star******************

  2. They can be miss world or miss india they can be young by 20 years but theres no one that has her magic she is the blessed> A true star! NO ashwari no Other indian new stars can compete with the acting talents that Madhuri posesses- Thank god we can see some real Acting and not just smiling pretty faces madhuris got it all- Welcome back madhu x

  3. Agreed Madhuri, is Indian cinema her smile and expression are one in a million. Anything she touches turns into gold she is a leader and a great role model. I hope she makes so many more movies. Aaja Nachle was awsome loved her in it, loved the movie aswell and ohmigod her dance well let’s just say i don’t think i blinked through the whole song, didn’t want to miss a beat :)Love you Madhuri hope you make many many more film alot of these new actress can learn i think or two. Mad abt Madhuri 🙂

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