Hijab catwalk

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Prime Minister asks for reprieve for Brit facing execution in Pakistan

Update: Update: Pakistani prison asks for fresh date to hang Briton

How Pakistan government can hang Mr.Hussain when his murder conviction has already been quashed. Second when Lahore High Court already freed him and declared him non guilty earlier, how come Sharia Court found him guilty of the crimes he never committed?

Tony Blair issued a last-ditch appeal today to save a British man due to be executed in Pakistan in two weeks’ time.

But the Prime Minister refused to join calls for the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall to cancel a planned royal visit to Pakistan which would coincide with the execution.

Mirza Tahir Hussain, 36, a former Territorial Army soldier originally from Leeds, faces the death penalty on November 1 for murdering a taxi driver 18 years ago.

But amid fierce objections that the conviction is unsafe, his family and a coalition of campaigners have battled against the sentence. But at Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Blair appealed to Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf to spare Hussain even though he acknowledged the president’s powers were limited.


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Railway children offer tourists an alternative view of life in India

Very good work Mr Thompson Thank You. Can we have some more..of these sort of work…Remember its not the fault of poor people that they are poor, but its definitely fault of rich people who are not ready to lend their hand and money in making these poor people life better for tomorrow. !!

Former street-children in India have begun offering a gritty alternative to the well-trodden tourist trail of the Taj Mahal, the Golden Temple and the lake palaces of Udaipur.

For 200 rupees (£2.35) boys who once survived on their wits living rough on the platforms of New Delhi’s railway station are offering visitors a insight into their former lives on the other side of the tracks.

From running with pick-pocket gangs to scavenging for scraps on in-coming trains and dodging blows from the stick-happy Railway Police, foreign tourists are spared no detail of life as an Indian street-urchin.

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