Railway children offer tourists an alternative view of life in India

Very good work Mr Thompson Thank You. Can we have some more..of these sort of work…Remember its not the fault of poor people that they are poor, but its definitely fault of rich people who are not ready to lend their hand and money in making these poor people life better for tomorrow. !!

Former street-children in India have begun offering a gritty alternative to the well-trodden tourist trail of the Taj Mahal, the Golden Temple and the lake palaces of Udaipur.

For 200 rupees (£2.35) boys who once survived on their wits living rough on the platforms of New Delhi’s railway station are offering visitors a insight into their former lives on the other side of the tracks.

From running with pick-pocket gangs to scavenging for scraps on in-coming trains and dodging blows from the stick-happy Railway Police, foreign tourists are spared no detail of life as an Indian street-urchin.

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  1. Must be fascinating for the foreigners. In Delhi Traffic road signals, it is not uncommon to find children desperately cleaning windows, selling something or even doing gymnastic stunts for money. Its just very tragic that even after 50 years of independence, something like this should be witnessed in the capitcal city of India.

  2. The rich are Not to be blamed. If you are paying your taxes, what else is expected of you?

    It is the govt. with its Politicians and sleeping Babu’s who waste away tax payer’s money – who are to be blamed.

    The foodgrains from FCI godam’s meant for below poverty line folks – is regularly stolen and sold by the caretakers. So, why wouldn’t poverty and hunger exist?

  3. @Hiren

    yeah mate you so right. It is sad and no idea what government is doing.

    Tell me one thing how many people especially from business class pay their taxes honestly? Every one is busy in saving their tax money, trying to convert black money into white. Corrupt politicians are there because we send them, we choose them, big business house sponser their election so that once they win election, they help these business house. India ranked just above Sudan in hunger. It a shame!

  4. Exactly. How many people pay their taxes? Even Reliance industries were doing some crazy thing to avoid tax payments, if I’m not wrong.

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