India’s call centres: ‘Dens of debauchery and vice’

Does Modernisation or Broad Minded means loosing family tradition or society moral values?

The Catholic Church has waded into the controversy over reports of rampant promiscuity in India’s 24-hour call centres

India’s booming call-centre industry has been getting a bad press, what with the arrest of a bank employee who stole hundreds of thousands of pounds from UK customers’ accounts, and documentaries exposing security shortcomings. But the Catholic Church has found something else that it’s much more worried about: sex.

Stories have been emerging for some time of promiscuity in the 24-hour centres. There was the call centre where the drains were choked with condoms. And the woman worker who told the press that she and her colleagues went to work with condoms in their bags.

Hardly a cause for concern by Western standards. But in India, where attitudes to sex remain highly conservative, it has caused a minor scandal. Which is where the Catholic Church has come in, offering counselling and week-long retreats for call-centre workers “in the hope of turning staff away from a life of sin”.

“We don’t want to do moral policing,” the Archbishop of Bangalore, Bernard Moras, said. “But we want to advise young people that being ‘modern’ doesn’t mean losing family traditions or moral values.”

The reason call centres have become the scene of sexual liaisons is simple, according to those who work in them. It’s one of the few places young men and women find themselves working together late at night. This is a country where most people still have a husband or wife chosen by their parents in arranged marriages. But battle lines are being drawn between those traditional values and a younger generation that views the world differently.

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  1. The younng do have the prerogative to choose a life partner of your liking but I don’t know how a free for all culture is going to help towards that. It seems they are anwwering a different “call” catering to a different centre.

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