International pressure behind India’s backing out from strong evidence against Pakistan’s ISI involvement in Mumbai serial blasts

What we call it? Double Standard?

It is interesting that as Americans decided to cooperate with India on terror issues, India slowly retreated from the from providing the strong evidence against Pakistan’s ISI involvement in Mumbai serial blasts.

India appeared to retreat from its charge that Pakistan’s spy agency planned Mumbai train bombings in July, with its national security adviser saying Sunday that investigators don”t have strong evidence.

If that is true then India should not have pressed charges in the first hand.

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  1. This goes on to show the level of competence and coordination existing at top policy making positions within the country. Except for a few rare good efficient men, its largely sleeping bureaucracy, and dazed political leadership.

    Compare this with China. You would be amazed each and everytime – the precision and cohesion with which they operate as a country.

    They do not have democracy is no good use. It is the result that is important too? History and future generations are not going to forgive us – if we mess up our country – in the name of democracy.

  2. And with promotions based on caste coming into effect (probably it was always there) – but now it has SC approval as well – fun will be even more there.

    You will have important policy making positions filled based not on your performance but your caste !!!!!

  3. If the evidence wasn’t good enough, why publicize it in the first place? Are we afraid to go to war with Pakistani morons? Or just lazy? Are we looking to work things out with peace rather than war? So many questions…

    But one thing, “If you want peace, get ready for war.”

  4. A flip-flop is what it is. One Police Comissioner (of one of India’s most important cities) says something, and a person holding a National Security Advisor says something else, and now anybody (Pakistan) can quote whoever they find most convenient.

  5. They can even say they (India) are unsure about the whole thing, and are deliberately trying to blame Pakistan.

  6. @Apun
    This line says all. Agreed “largely sleeping bureaucracy, and dazed political leadership”

  7. @Slim

    We are afraid of big players like US and Europe. We get presure from them, and we bow our head like cowards. very well said ““If you want peace, get ready for war.””


    No idea why they got differant views. I am dead sure they are pressure.

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