Wanna work in a BPO? Take this test first

Glad to hear that finally government officials and NASCOM has started working towards saving Indian call centre (BPO) industry reputation. As I stated earlier in my post [Indian Call Centre:Boom or Doom:Concern Over Showing Cracks] that if we really want to safe this industry we at least need these three things;

* We need strict regulation for BPO employees.

* We need standard employment procedure for all BPO employees.

* We need strict rules for any cyber crimes.

I am very happy to read this news today in Times of India that Government and NASCOM are acting towards implementing proper procedure and strict laws to stop cyber crimes. Last week only Government announced strict regulation and punishment for any data theft, changes in IT Act 2000 to safeguard this industry and today NASCOM announced a capability assessment programme for potential employees for BPO industry. I hope some more concrete steps will come in force in future, like more training to our Police so that cyber crimes can be reduced, some more and strict security checks for potential employees who wants to join BPO especially who wants to join any financial BPO.

NEW DELHI: The Nasscom Assessment of Competence – a capability assessment programme for potential employees in the BPO industry, is all set for nationwide rollout from November this year.

The IT trade body, Nasscom expects that over a lakh young job aspirants will appear for NAC in the first year of its national rollout, Nasscom President Kiran Karnik said.


About eight states – Rajasthan, Gujarat, Chandigarh, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Kerala, Bihar and Sikkim are expected to launch NAC by the end of November.

The NAC is aimed at addressing the talent shortage faced by the industry, he said. “The aim is to create a continuous pipeline of talent by ‘transforming’ workforce into an ’employable’ workforce”.

The pilot project for NAC was completed in June this year and about 6,000 candidates took the test in the select states, Karnik said.

According to NASSCOM, only 25 per cent of technical graduates and 10-15 per cent of college students are suitable for employment in the IT and BPO industry.

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  1. In my view, one of the reasons that people indulge in this sort of crime and corruption is that they take their occupations for granted. An occupation sustains you emotionally and financially and therefore should be revered- Make your passion your profession. In the latest post, real life agonies of those people who are forced to do career transition is given. One should never take one’s profession for granted.

  2. HI

    It is great that NASCOMM has come up with NAC, to be soon implemented. What i’m really intersted to know is as to how NAC would be conducted in India.

    Have you guys got any idea.


    Sudipta Dawn

  3. What if the person who passed the exam at the time was innocent, and eventually got corrupt? How would these guys prevent that?

  4. @Hiren

    I had read your blog Make your passion your profession and alwasy visit. You had put right point. “one of the reasons that people indulge in this sort of crime and corruption is that they take their occupations for granted”

    Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your views. Well NASCOM hasnt declared how it will implimented but all I understand by press release that it will conducted on the line of GMAT,SAT .As soon I will any more about this I will update it.


    Well this test is only for aquiring good talent. regarding corruption and crime I would like one more step by government. Security check for every one wanted to work in BPO.

  5. I am great happy to find your blog. Really Very informative and helpful knowledge here, i got.

    I am back soon.

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