Welcome to Spain in the era of cultural nervousness.

So you can’t even celebrate a festival because of fear of offending some particular segment of society? Spain hold annual festivals to commemorate the “Reconquista,” the reconquest of Spain by Christians from the Moors, which was completed in 1492 after more than 700 years of Muslim rule in much of the country. I don’t understand how the hell people think that it may upset Muslim’s? Did they ever ask Muslim’s? Till last year did Muslim’s created any problem in celebration? I had never heard of it. So why government thinks that it will upset this year? If government and some people are nervous or scared from few radicals then its shame. You can’t bow your head’s in front of few radical’s terrorist.


Christian soldiers take a beating over battle with Moors

CHRISTIAN and Muslim armies clash in Spain today in a titanic battle for control of the Costa Blanca, just miles from the tourist towers of Benidorm.

After a spectacular Moorish landing on the beaches the Christians will emerge victorious, as they did in Calpe in 1240. But there will be no crowing, and the end of the “battle” will be accompanied by speeches about civilisations living together in harmony.

Welcome to Spain in the era of cultural nervousness.

Throughout the country towns and villages are toning down traditional fiestas of “Moors and Christians” to avoid offending Muslims.

The fiestas — some dating back hundreds of years — celebrate the final “reconquest” of Spain by Christian armies from the Moors in 1492 after 781 years of Muslim rule. Villagers divide into rival “armies” of Moors and Christians to re-enact the conquest of their towns. But rows in Denmark and Germany over the depiction of the Prophet Muhammad, and the Madrid train bombings in March 2004, have caused Spanish towns to think again. Several have stopped parading giant effigies of Muhammad.

“If the fiestas culminated in the burning or blowing up of a figure, that bit has been suppressed, out of fear, out of respect, out of everything,” says Xavi Pascual, the organiser of the fiesta in the Valencian town of Bocairent. “But the important thing is that the structure has not been modified.”



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  1. I see more and more people cowering these towelheaded morons. This is one proof their terror tatics are working. Also, I’m seeing a lot of pseudo-secularism in many countries. If they’re really secular, they won’t fear offending a particular community.

  2. I guess these sort of things will increase more often. Signs of any celebration that involve religion will be probed more often to make sure that they don’t ‘offend’ anyone, until every celebration is almost of the same nature. Already, the church screams about how Christmas celebration in most countries is now taken as a holiday and celebration, with very little emphasis on the Christ / Christian part. But the true test will come if pre-dominantly Islamic countries also start to tone down their religion part, and that is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

  3. You’re right, fanatics will not tone down the religious nature of their festivals.

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