Data theft is a growing problem, admits British official

As I mentioned in my earlier post that data theft is a global problem and it’s not just the problem with Indian call Centre. So this report [Data theft is a growing problem, admits British official] does bring some relief to me and also to Indian BPO. This sort of fraud and identity theft can happen anywhere and in fact it has happened more in US and UK, then in Indian call centre.

There is nothing wrong with offshore or outsourcing its problem with greed people working with BPO companies. Companies put everything, proper infrastructure, security checks and last but not least the trust in their valuable employees. If employees broke this trust then sure companies well whole industry especially call centre industry are at risk.

When channel 4 aired the documentary about Indian call centre, the unfolding story of theft of privacy data, I watched this program with mixture of feelings, Alarmed and Frustration. Alarmed because these sort of incidents are damaging our BPO industry reputation and Frustration because this sort of theft and security breach matter most when its happens in India then anywhere else in world, reason because many employee’s organization in ( UK and US ) and even people are against of off shoring their private details to other country.

It’s good to see that few officials are admitting that data theft is a global problem and it can happen anywhere around world. reported

“Information Commissioner’s Office (U.K.).

There is a rising trend in data theft incidents across the globe. In fact, there have been some high profile cases of data-theft in the U.K. itself. Agrees Evans. “Data theft generally is a growing problem in the United Kingdom. As set out in our report “What Price Privacy?” (footnote page 12) our office received 109 section 55 Data Protection Act complaint cases (which include alleged ‘data theft’ offences) between April 2005 and January 2006,” he says.

According to the KPMG Forensic’s Fraud Barometer, there has been more fraud (£653m) in the first six months of 2006 than in the whole of the most recent years.”

Indian BPO industry, Government and NASCOM has learned the lesson from this documentary and acted very quickly to safeguard the reputation of this booming industry, which of course make me happy. Hopefully in future some media groups will show the better side of Indian Call Centre.


Read full report: Data theft is a growing problem, admits British official


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  1. Eka – this is a widespread problem – and not centered in Indian call centers. Last year two major US banks admitted that they ‘lost’ millions of customers personal info – what really happened was a security breach and the data was accessed. Though they caught it in time and managed to thwart most of the problems that could have arisen. But you have to wonder if this the type of thing they admit to – what are the things they don’t tell you?

    Technology has made it much easier to be a criminal these days. And it is a worldwide problem.

  2. @Writer

    Ah thanks for sharing such a nice views, well you right its not just a problem of Indian call centre. yeah correct Technology has made it much easier to be a criminal these days. And it is a worldwide problem.

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