Gates pledges $23 mln to fight AIDS in India

Can the India spend the AIDS money well?

NEW DELHI (Reuters) – The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have pledged $23 million to help fight HIV/IDS in India, which has the world’s highest number of people living with the disease, India’s health ministry said.

The funds, to be disbursed over the next three years, will enhance the capacity of the government’s HIV prevention response and will target high-risk groups such as homosexuals, prostitutes and drug users, a statement on Tuesday said.

The money is part of an additional $58 million committed to the Foundation’s “Avahan” project — a $258 million five-year prevention program launched in 2003.

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  1. “Can the India spend the AIDS money well?”

    Very pertinent question !

    It can also be rephrased as ~
    Will the Indian Politicians allow this money to be spent well?

  2. @Apun

    Wow mate you got better way to say the things, impressed.

  3. We all know the answer to that question :))

  4. Typically the Gates Foundation has always treated their charity the same way like a business except for the profit part. They want to make sure that wherever they donate is well organized, effective and knows what it is doing

  5. @Slim

    Haha you very smart:)


    I know what you mean, but there are local babu’s who made major differance.

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